Knitting-Along Far Away

Two weeks ago, a bunch us at STIK cast-on our We Are Knitters Vertigo Sweaters while watching Inside Out. We actually watched it twice because knitta Sarah Schorr came later and hadn’t seen it. And Pixar is just that good.

Later that evening, our STIK Clique Coordinator, Ann, and I brought our knitting to a pub to watch the Patriots win and we got into a lovely conversation with another woman who admired that we were young, drinking alcohol, watching sports, and knitting all at the same time.

When I got on a plane the next morning back to California (yep, I’m the one outlier), I was halfway through the back of the sweater.

I love that even though I’m physically far away from my clique, we’re still all connected by knitting this big-ass sweater together, group texting about gauge and pointy needles and about how much we love snuggily yarn.

If you’re late to the party, you can still get your Vertigo Sweater kit from We Are Knitters and play catch-up. It uses bulky yarn and massive needles and you can whip this sh*t up real quick.

I’m casting on arm number one this weekend, staying out of this dumb rain, and instagramming the hell outta my progress with the tag #STIKKNITALONG.


The STIK Clique

Giving with Hand-Knit Gifts

Like many other knittas, I spent my Thanksgiving frantically knitting up sh*t for Christmas.

On Friday, I was knitting a cowl for my sister as I sat on my parents' couch, watching some TV after my third slice of pun’kin pie. (My family always delightfully overestimates the amount of pie needed at our Thanksgiving. The ratio is typically half a pie per person.) My sister entered, mouthful of mashed potatoes, and says, “Oh, that’s pretty. Who's that for?” FML. It will still be pretty even though it’s not a surprise anymore.

I’ve been knitting up Christmas gifts ever since I learned how to knit. One year I made my dad mittens using chunky wool and size 10 needles. Although he now uses them as pot holders, he appreciated the sentiment.

And let’s be clear, I don’t knit for just anyone. Because when I knit a garment with a particular person in mind, I think about that person with each stitch. It’s a mini-meditation on how much I like them (unless I’m ripping out stitches...then I swear at them for a little).

So, when I spend my time knitting a gift, I’m showing my gratitude for that person.

As you are probably well aware, our Kickstarter orders are coming in--just in time for the Holidays. When you look at your hand-knit garment, remember that you’re looking at hours of quiet concentration from someone who is doing what they love.

THANK YOU for being a part of our growing company and community. We are so grateful for the support and we are honored that you're keeping warm with our sh*t. 


The STIK Clique

P.S. Picture featuring Xtina and me (Casey) from my last visit to Boston.

Thankful for that gurl right thur.

Runway for Recovery

For most of us at STIK, our mamas were the ones who painstakingly taught us how to knit. Mothers not only teach us how to brush our teeth and make our beds (and sometimes I actually do both in one day!), but they also teach us about the beauty of unconditional love.

Nine years ago, Olivia Achtmeyer wanted to do something to honor her mother whom she lost to Breast Cancer. She recognized the financial, emotional, and logistical burdens that families like hers faced during this difficult time and wanted to organize an event to help support those affected by the disease. And thus, Runway for Recovery began.

Runway for Recovery seeks to support families who have lost mothers to Breast Cancer. Women who have been affected by the disease—whether they are survivors themselves, relatives of survivors, or relatives of women who have lost the battle—walk the runway in outfits donated by local boutiques. This empowering evening celebrates these women’s beauty and gives them a well-deserved night in the spotlight. The fashion show is accompanied by an extensive silent auction and raffle with some really kick-ass items. In addition, a few fashion vendors sell items during cocktail hour and donate a portion of their proceeds to this incredible organization.

We were one of those lucky vendors. The amount of support, love, and celebration that surrounded this evening knocked our socks off. We heard stories that wrenched our hearts and legitimately brought us to tears. We also sold out of our inventory during the event. Let’s say that again, WE SOLD OUT OF INVENTORY DURING THE EVENT. We donated 40% of our revenue and thereby contributed to the $140,000 raised. This is double the amount of funds raised last year.

These funds will go towards addressing the many burdens associated with caring for a loved one with breast cancer, including grief counseling, lodging near hospitals, and other vital comforts for both the families of the patients and the patients themselves. To find out how you can support, visit their Facebook page or their website

We could not be more proud to be involved in such a poignant evening.


The STIK Clique

Knit-Along With Us!

Do you remember how flipping fun sing-alongs were as a kid? I mean who could ever have too much of the hokey pokey? (You put your knitting needles in, you put your knitting needles out...) Bottom line is, it's always more fun to do sh*t with people. Which is why we are starting a knit-along on November 15th in partnership with We Are Knitters

I know she looks a little upset in this picture, but we will be smiling with big old dopey grins when we finish this sh*t.

Use the special We Are Knitters promo code STIKVERTIGO to get 15% off your Vertigo Sweater at checkout and get ready to cast on with us on Sunday, November 15th!Several members of the STIK Clique have already received their kick-ass Vertigo Sweater Kits in various colors from We Are Knitters (mine is in Noir, dahhhling). We will be posting updates and pictures of our progress and giving little tips along the way!

Can't wait to knit-along with our ever-expanding group of sh*theads <3


The STIK Clique

How to Rock Your Shit

Shit That I Knit | How To Rock Your Shit It’s getting chilly out there and it’s time to start reppin' your STIK gear loud and proud! If you purchased one of our garments during our Kickstarter campaign, your hat is being whipped up by one of our speedy little knittas and will be in your hands in no time. 

As you rock your shit, here are some tips for how to wear our garments to ensure you look fly as f*ck and not like a total noob.

First let’s start with the ideal: her hair is slightly pushed forward; the band is left natural and is covering the hairline but not covering the eyebrows; the pom-pom is sitting right at the flat part on the back of her head (am I the only one with a flat part back there? If so, disregard. Carry on.) Look how serene and happy she is. It’s cause she NAILED this look.

The following looks are not quite so chic. Why would you want to hide your on fleek eyebrows? Or look like a blue poop emoji?


Now, onto the Bliss Band. Let’s recall that this is supposed to be an earwarmer. Therefore, your ears should be covered. Unlike the beanie, it looks best if this rests right at your eyebrows as wearing it too high isn’t quite a good look, as seen on the right.


And finally, please resist the urge to wear all your hair over the Bliss Band like you’re going to wash your face. We’re pretty non-judgy people but we will be mugging you HARD if you wear your sh*t like this.

Okay, that's it. Pet peeve bitching fest is now over. 

Enjoy rocking your sh*t! Don't forget to tag #shitthatiknit when posting pictures of you in your swag. We love it.


The STIK Clique

Photos by Gretchen Powers

Finding Inspiration

In case we haven't said this enough, our knittas are awesome. They're a creative, diverse group of ladies with various talents, careers, senses of humor, and interests. Today's post was written by one of these knittas. Emma Werowinski muses on one way she encourages her creativity.

Enjoy her post below:


Swapping Knitting Needles for Embroidery Thread:

Inspiration used to stress me out. I never knew where it would come from and I was always afraid of losing it.

This past year, I started Rhode Island School of Design as a freshman. Our first year, which we call foundations year, is designed to keep us busy, like really busy, like eight-hour-long studio classes busy. And because we're too busy to think about inspiration, it appears seemingly out of nowhere, just like it’s supposed to.

Although I was given free rein for my spring drawing final, I knew that I had to give myself some parameters. If there is one thing that I've learned this year about my art-making, it’s that I need to give myself rules. So here they are: 

1. embroider something everyday
2. use journal entries as inspiration
3. use the closest available materials
4. strive to be subtly amusing if at all possible

    Here, the amusing thing is the ridiculous amount of time I spent recording such tiny details from my day. 

    Lately, I’ve been quite into embroidery alongside my knitting. I have no idea where this interest will lead, but, as with inspiration, I guess I will have to wait to find out.


    Shit That I Knit Blog | Finding Inspiration

    Luh it. You can find more of Emma's projects and embroidery on Behance here.


    The STIK Clique