Our Kickstarter page launched TODAY!!

Check out the amazing video put together by Gretchen Powers and get some knit shit for the holidays while supporting a great cause.

Why did we start a Kickstarter page?

In the past couple of months, Sh*t That I Knit has been gaining momentum and we’re not planning on stopping any time soon. In order to ensure that we keep moving forward, we are inviting you to get on this fast-moving train so that we can continue to produce high-quality knitwear, made right here in the United States by some amazing young women.

Knitting this sh*t is not cheap and that’s why we need just a li'l help to get us going. We don’t want to outsource our labor to a foreign country or stop using premium materials and compromise the integrity of our brand. However, we do need to keep up with demand. A hand-knit garment has a longer manufacturing lead time than a factory-produced garment. We need to build up inventory to stay ahead of the game and that takes capital up-front. Knitwear can also be seasonal and we’d like to be able to deliver garments to our customers when the air is brisk and when snow is still on the ground.  

Quality is our brand. We believe that it takes quality people and quality materials to make quality sh*t. Help us show others the importance of a garment made with integrity. 


The STIK Team

Check Out Our Kickstarter Video

Knitting Socially: A WATG Knit Party

When I signed up for my first Wool and The Gang (WATG) knit party I had no idea what to expect. I bought one ticket for a party in San Francisco. I got on a BART train, which was the temperature of a Bikram yoga class as apparently California didn’t get the memo that it is September, and I got off at Montgomery station with a fresh glow about me (aka I was dripping sweat onto the seat I left behind). Hotel G, the location of the event, was hip in all the right ways--with black, grungy-yet-welcoming walls, velvet upholstery, and employees with prominent tattoos.

First, let’s give a knit party context. Knit parties include yarn, needles, instructions, snacks, alcohol, and (this is the crucial part that makes it different from when I just hang at my house) other people who love to knit. In total, there were around 15-20 others at the party. Mostly women and mostly (to my surprise and delight) under 35. Experience levels varied throughout the group.

We each got a cute little project bag with everything we needed to create their snood, made of chunky-weight wool. The cable cast-on caused issues for some, but the WATG tutorial video played on a projection screen along one wall and “Gang Members” walked around, offering assistance. After a few glasses of wine, our gauges and conversations loosened and we all started to share and help one another.

Shit That I Knit Blog | Wool and the Gang Party

Keep an eye out for some upcoming STIK Knit Knites. We're all about meeting up with other peeps and to get our knit on. Each person I connected with was ecstatic to meet another person who enjoyed knitting. We each thought we were the only ones. Fun nights like this prove to me, again and again, that knittas are out there, enjoying the craft independently. Why not share that love of knitting socially?


The STIK Team

Treat Yo Self W.E.L.L.

The W.E.L.L. Summit, taking place in Beacon Hill November 6-7, has a cute little acronym:


not a bad way to live, eh?

We’d like to think that Sh*t That I Knit encourages the same thing, which is why we've become a sponsor of the summit and plan to reveal some of our dope fall styles during the event.

What does this two-day event entail, you ask?

This conference focuses on educating and empowering others to live well. Topics include the “ever-expanding realms of clean eating”, fitness trends, making informed consumer decisions, and exploring eco-friendly beauty products. In addition, intimate break-out groups (of 30 people or less) allow for participants to ask questions and learn in a safe, supportive environment.

Although I predict delicious smelling lotions, flax seed cracker treats, and hemp baby bonnets, all jokes aside, this event sounds like a great place to find like-minded individuals who are passionate about a holistic lifestyle.

Since we’ll be hanging out there, we want to offer a $75 discount on the all-inclusive W.E.L.L. Summit ticket. This offer expires Friday, September 11 at midnight. Enter SHITTHATIKNIT at checkout to receive the discount.

Visit their website here and start getting all zen and shit!

We know we can’t wait for it :)


--The STIK team

Knit Your Own Shit: 25% Discount off WAK, Baby!

Shit That I Knit | Knit your own Wool and the Gang Sweater

Ten years ago, I remember Googling “cool knitting patterns” on my first laptop and scrolling through pages and pages of floral afghan throws, boxy turtlenecks, and dreaded dollies. “Cool” and “knitting” didn’t seem to go together. I’m actually surprised that Google search didn’t correct me, suggesting instead, “Did you mean how do I tell I'm a loser?"

At the time, the Internet was relatively new, and anything that had to do with knitting at my local library was targeted to the stereotypical knitter—an octogenarian with varicose veins and a graying topknot perched in a weathered rocking chair (think the grandma emoji). So as an awkward high school freshman, I had no way of knowing that there were other people out there like me—people wanting to learn more about the craft and knit something exciting.

But there are. I’ve found them.

Companies like We Are Knitters are making knitting easy, accessible, and cool.  Check out this backless Cranberry Sweater. It’s bangin’. The pattern, yarn, needles, and everything else you could possibly need to make the sweater (including happiness) was waiting for me on my doorstep as I got home from work last Friday afternoon.

As I opened the package, I felt giddy. Other people out there GOT IT. I’m in my mid-twenties. I don’t have children (or grandchildren for that matter) to knit little booties or hats for. When I pick up my needles, I want to create something I can wear and feel proud of and good in.

When I scroll through their designs on, when I like their pictures on Instagram, or when I finally pull my finished sweater (in a sassilious mint color) over my head, I feel like I’ve found a company that understands me.

It’s a revolution, and we knittas have got to stick together!

That’s why we’ve collaborated with We Are Knitters for a 25% discount at so that you can knit your own shit using their knit kits. These kits are stupid easy to follow with amazing video tutorials on their site that are super helpful (not to mention beautifulI'd almost watch them even if I didn't have an issue with the pattern).

Use the promo code SHITTHATIKNITxWAK at checkout to get 25% off!

This discount is good until Wednesday at midnight. Don't be a pumpkin and let it run out.

Get your cool knitting on!


--The STIK Team


Not only is Ben Higgins AKA the Bachelor, AKA every American woman's dreamboat, wearing our beanie, he also posted the nicest thing in the whole wide world about us and it shows that his beautiful exterior matches his golden interior and it gives us the feels. 

Shit That I Knit | Ben Higgins

"So this was sent to me by @shitthatiknit just out of the goodness of their heart. They weren't expecting or asking me to post anything and simply because of that I am posting it. So @shitthatiknit thank you for the gift, the hat is incredible! I will encourage everyone to at the least check them out because I appreciate them and their present."

Now, we know Christina is not technically on the show (…yet…I may have just submitted an application for her) but can you think of anyone who would be better suited for a first impression rose?

Thank you for the support, Ben! You look SO GOOD IN THAT SHIT.

We love you.


--The STIK Team <3

Brioching Stitches, Bitches

Shit That I Knit Blog | Stephen West

So there are some characters that I follow on Instagram. I, admittedly, know when baby North West wears a leather jacket. I have considered buying The Fat Jewish’s White Girl Rose. But my favorite, by far, is Stephen West @westknits. Oh, he’s a weirdo to be sure (if you’re reading this, Stephen: #1 I’m sorry. #2 I love you) but he’s boundlessly creative, inspirational, and the type of carefree spirit that I greatly admire.

Recently, Stephen has been on a brioching binge. Brioche knitting is not be confused with the traditional brioche bread, a sweet yeast bread--although this also sounds divine and may be an excellent pairing. Brioche knitting refers to a type of slip, knit-together stitch that makes your project reversible, squishy, and lovely. It’s weird to learn at first, and I had to watch dozens of YouTube videos full of acrylic nails to figure it out, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fast knit that is super fun to do.

That’s why Stephen West does it everywhere.

Although he uses too many colors that would make my eyes and head ache, the traditional, two-tone brioche can create a cool stripe pattern that looks unique without being too stuffy.
I’m currently working on this cowl by the Purl Bee. I took it to the beach, BART, and an outdoor play in an amphitheater hoping to one day be as fabulous as this man.

What are y'all currently working on? Comment below.

Until next time, knittas...

Shit That I Knit Blog | Stephen West