6 TV shows to watch based on your mood

6 TV shows to watch based on your mood

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We all know the dreaded feeling of finishing a great series and then being stumped by what to watch next. I know I'm not the only one searching for a good series right now, so I figured I'd break down a couple of the most recent ones I have been binging. Thank you, Netflix, for cranking out the premium content.

One of the key factors that goes into picking a show is your mood. Sometimes, for me, an emotional drama is just too much to handle, and I'd prefer a lighthearted comedy before bed. But in other situations, all you want to watch is something that will give you the most intense, dramatic cry session since Parenthood. We've covered it all in this list. So when you finish your current series, I hope this list leads you to your next obsession. 

You should watch Hollywood (Netflix). If you're a fan of Glee, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, or the Politician, Ryan Murphy's latest show is for you. He brings out familiar faces from his American Horror Series (don't worry--without the horror) for this 1940's-inspired series. The series follows the journeys of rising movie stars --think Rock Hudson--and even dabbles in how Hollywood would look if history was rewritten.

You should watch Schitt's Creek (Netflix). We talk about this show a lot, but it’s THAT GOOD. It always puts a smile on my face and sometimes makes me cry from laughing. TBH when you watch the first few episodes you might be confused about why everyone says it is so funny, but I'm telling you--keep going! You will not be able to stop. They're quick 20-minute episodes and truly brilliant--and they get funnier and funnier. 

You should watch Killing Eve (Hulu or BBC America). Tory and Christina recommended this one, and they were so right! The third season is currently airing, but you can catch up on the other two seasons on Hulu very quickly. The plot may be about a Russian assassin, but it's not as dark as you might think. It has genius British humor, making it a rather lighthearted show and easy to binge. 

You should watch Never Have I Ever (Netflix). Sometimes a quirky high school drama is what we all need in our lives. Mindy Kaling's new coming of age series is light, fun and a little bit of a tear-jerker! Follow along as the main character tries to navigate her sophomore year of high school--with all its ups and downs.

You should watch Dead to Me (Netflix). Holy moly, season 2 just came out, and it’s even wilder than the first season. Christina Applegate stars in this dark comedy about a widow who’s trying to solve the hit-and-run murder of her husband. This show has lots of twists and turns, it’s funny, and most of all, it’s incredibly entertaining.

You should watch Ozark (Netflix). I know Ozark has been around for a couple of years, but this drama came back for a new season a few weeks ago, and it does not disappoint. My heartbeat is always a little faster whenever I watch it. You can't look away. Plus, Jason Bateman is just amazing in everything, so if you are a fan of him, you'll love this one. 

What shows are you watching these days? Fill us in!!


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