6 Simple Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

6 Simple Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

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We’re about two months into Life in Quarantine, and, in some ways, a “new normal” for the time being. For me, it’s gone by with a blink of an eye, but has also felt like 8 years. No matter how you feel, it’s an isolating, anxiety-inducing time. Most of all, I miss in-person interactions with my friends and family. There are so many people in my life who I wish I could hug, grab a drink and catch up with, or lounge around on the same couch with. Sometimes a Zoom happy hour just doesn’t do the trick. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the dooms-y negativity in the news or social media, I find myself clinging to any little source of light or positivity, especially when it comes from my friends or family. I’ve cherished the daily Facetimes with my 1 year old niece and endless funny videos on Instagram sent from friends. My friend even started a “happy news doc” where she shares happy news, good vibes videos, or funny, must-watch tv shows, each Friday to a group of us to help brighten the end of our week. But, I have to admit, I was never more delighted during the Q than when, at the end of a long day, I opened an unexpected package that came for me and inside was a little bracelet that my friend had specially picked for me (more on that below). 

While it’s hard to fully fill the void of in-person interaction, I’ve been trying to get creative with how I can let my loved ones know I’m thinking of them and help brighten their day. Whether they’re on the frontlines, have more on their plate than usual, or are just feeling a little extra anxious, I think we all know someone who could use a little love and positivity right now. Sending someone a thoughtful little treat can make a huge difference in their day or week and it'll make you feel good, too. Here are six simple, inexpensive, and individualized ways to treat those you miss to a sweet little surprise gift. 

These simple and sweet bracelets by Little Words Project Bracelet, meant to inspire women and encourage them to lift each other up, are the perfect little pick me up gift. They have a bunch of different words to choose from so that you can cater to your recipient, or you can customize a bracelet with a word special for them. Everyone needs some words of encouragement on their wrist these days. This is the perfect way to bring a smile to your friend’s face while spreading positivity during this isolating time. 

Inspired by, our very own, Peter Soorenko, a DIY cocktail kits takes all the work out of making a yummy drink for a deserving friend. Or, take a page out of Peter’s book and make kits for all of your friends to enjoy together on a Zoom party later that night. Pick a yummy, “fancy,” cocktail, buy all of the ingredients, and then pre-measure all of the elements in jars so it’s ready for your friend to mix it right up and enjoy. Make your cocktail kit extra special with fun little notes, straws, or other drink accessories. 

What’s better than a surprise delivery of 25 cupcakes from Mini Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa at the door? Cupcakes don’t have to be reserved for celebrations. This “You’re Doing Great” variety pack of bite-sized cupcakes is colorful, delicious, and a guaranteed day maker, even without an occasion. The preset packs offer something for everyone and they deliver in just a few days! You can even write a personalized note to go along with your ‘cake delivery.

There’s something about a handmade card and a handwritten note that’s more special than any other form of communication. Even a simple “you’re the shit’ on the front of the card can brighten your friend’s day. A handwritten note of encouragement is so rare these days that it can mean so much more than a text or call. Grab some paper, get creative, and write a note of appreciation or support to someone who needs it. 

If you’re like me, you’re daydreaming of the day you can meet up with your friends at your favorite spot, order your favorite thing on the menu, and “have a day.” Why not pick out some merch from your favorite local restaurant, bar, brewery, or store to remind your friend of better days. For me, this daydreamy spot is Cisco Brewers on Nantucket, but so many restaurants could use your support right now. Pick a place where you and your friends have endless memories, and buy a simple t-shirt or baseball hat so you can all be reminded to look forward to what’s to come when this is all over.

100% shameless plug. The Quarantine + Chill Kit is the ultimate pick-me-up. The Quarantine + Chill kit is a brand new hobby, it’s an exciting activity to tackle. It’ll give your friend something to focus their mind on and keep their hands busy. Knitting helps us to relax while staying busy. Treat your friend to learn how to knit AND a super comfy t-shirt!

What are you doing to keep your friends’ spirits up? Share in the comments!


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