Top 6 Fav Organic Beauty Companies

Top 6 Fav Organic Beauty Companies

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As much as I love beauty and skincare products, not alllll of them are the best for your skin and can be filled with chemicals. Which is pretty ironic seeing as they are supposed to help you maintain a healthy glow! When I can, I try and buy organic and clean products. Of course, I don’t do this all time because let’s be real - skin care is expensive!! For the times I do want to invest in a product, I tend to go for brands that I know are non-toxic and organic. I would rather spend the money on a clean brand than an equally expensive non-organic brand. So I figured I would take a little research off of your hands and let you know some really lovely organic brands that you can feel good about.

Alpyn Beauty

This brand is the first skincare line to use wildcrafted ingredients from Jackson Hole, Wyoming (where they are based). This means the plants they harvest endure some of the most challenging climates (high altitude, heavy snowfall… you get the picture). Their products aim to preserve, protect, and strengthen your skin because the ingredients can endure the harshest of conditions and provide resiliency to your skin. My favorites:

Ursa Major 

This company is based in northern Vermont and is a plant-powered skincare brand. They pride themselves on making only the essentials so you can spend less time worrying about a multi-step routine. Their products are also catered for both men and women - no beauty stereotypes here. They’re products are just made to help all skin. Some of their most popular products include:

Living Libations

I am just obsessed with this company, and it’s whole vibe. The website makes you feel like you are on a retro tropical vacation in Hawaii. They have an amazing array of products including their “best skin ever” line. This product can be used as a face wash or an oil (or both)! They have a few different options so you can pick your main ingredient to suit your needs like: seabuckthorn, rose, sandalwood or neroli to name a few. The website is just really fun to explore and I highly recommend browsing and researching the ingredients they use. My favorites are:

French Girl 

First of all, I just love this company because the name, and packaging is so cute. The brand uses sustainable and organic ingredients and their tag line is “Tested on French Girls, Never on Animals.” Again, so darn cute and very humane. Besides the cuteness, they make really beautiful and unique products that will make you feel good. My two favorites are:

Tata Harper

Tata herself started her own company because she didn’t want women to risk health for beauty so she created her own organic line. I have her mini trial kit of the 6 step regime, and it literally saved my *acne prone* skin - not to be dramatic. The products in the kit are just a little bigger than usual travel sized bottles so I think they’re going to last me a while, which is a win-win! Before you try these out, I recommended buying the mini kit to test the products before you splurge on a full size item. It’s hard to pick my favorite but I would go with:


This is Miranda Kerr’s skin care line and she has some really awesome products. She uses key ingredients in her products that have natural healing and protective powers (like Noni Extract and Green Tea to name a couple) that will help your skin be the best it can be. I recommend:

What are some of your favorite organic skincare brands?


1 comment


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