3 playlists to get you through your day

3 playlists to get you through your day

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I’ve always found music to be an outlet that I rely on to cultivate a mood or process emotions, especially in these difficult times. Music can put your experiences into tangible words and phrases, it can give you that extra boost you need on a run, and it can create the perfect vibe for lying in the sun. However, it is always confusing to know where to start with music or how to find the exact genre you are looking for. Sure you have your favorite artists whose albums you can listen to start to finish 1,000x, but it can be hard to branch out from that. That’s why I always gravitate towards playlists, either ones I’ve created myself or a Spotify curated one (NOT spons I swear). Below is a list of my fav playlists I’ve had on repeat during these times.


Spotify’s “Your Daily Drive”

This is one of the many personalized playlists that Spotify’s algorithm cranks out for your pleasure. It is a combo of songs you’ve been listening to a lot lately, brief podcasts (science, stock markets, etc.), and location specific updates (news, traffic, weather, etc). For me this is the perfect thing to play as I step out for a walk - it takes zero thought, I know I already like the songs, and it keeps me up to date on world and local events without getting too heavy and stressing me out. 


Spotify’s “Good Vibes

I cannot get enough of this playlist, as the name states it just has impeccable vibes. A combo of super chill artists like Surfaces and BENEE, but also upbeat poppy/electronic artists like Flume and Sofi Tukker, and finally cult favorites like Tyler, The Creator and Louis The Child. Not only is it truly just fun positive music, but it’s also a crowd pleaser and I feel totally comfortable throwing this on to hang out in the kitchen with the whole fam. 


Spotify’s “Fast Pop Run” or “Yoga Girl Playlist of the Month

I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but for me good music is so necessary to work out. It is the difference between bursting with energy and endorphins, and dragging my feet hating my life. I swear I can be half way through a run ready to give up and then I put on the right song and it's like I got an adrenaline shot, I run to the beat and my legs just start to move again. And in yoga it’s also super important to me, mostly in the savasana portion, honestly. Having some good chill, ohm music playing helps my mind stay focused on breathing and not what I’m having for dinner. 

Okay, that’s about it, I swear I do make my own playlists (check out more about that here), but I don’t want to impose my own music tastes on you. Music is very subjective, so maybe none of these playlists sound interesting to you. There is absolutely something out there for you though, and I highly recommend searching for it. What are you listening to these days? Drop a comment below!


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