The Lawn Games you Need this Lawn Game Season

The Lawn Games you Need this Lawn Game Season


Last weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, marked the unofficial start of summer, and the official start of Lawn Game Season. In the summer, my (competitive) family’s weekends often revolve around lawn games, lawn game tournaments, lawn game beverages, a lawn game-ready lawn, etc. We could spend an entire day playing corn hole game after corn hole game, but I think we’re going to have to expand our breadth of games this season. 

This summer may look a little different, but with limitations on where we can gather and socialize, your selection of lawn games has never been more important. Below are the games you need for your yard (local park, sidewalk, or driveway) this Lawn Game Season. 

  • Corn hole - The beloved bean bag toss game. Painting your own unique set of corn hole boards is also an excellent quarantine activity.
  • Volleyball - A game of volleyball over a simple volleyball net is a great summer activity for adults and kids alike. It involves more players than most lawn games and can be as competitive or laid back as you’d like. (Bonus: most sets come with Badminton as well)
  • Giant Jenga- Pretty much any table game made giant becomes an outdoor game (See: dominoes, 4 to score). 

  • Croquet - Am I the only one who grew up playing croquet in my grandparents’ lawn all summer long? THIS is the summer you break out the croquet set, Google the rules, and learn to play (again). 
  • Bocce - I used to think Bocce was SO boring, but with a competitive crew like my family, it can be really strategic and fun. 
  • Horseshoes - Horseshoes is just an obligatory game to have out for the dads to play while they drink their Double IPAs. 
  • Kan jam - A frisbee game that surprisingly doesn’t require frisbee skills. It’s also easily transported-no lawn needed!
  • Chippo - Chippo is basically the golf version of corn hole. Instead of tossing a beanbag onto a board, you chip a golf ball into one of the holes on the board. (PS. I think it’s sold out right now, but Chippo is a GREAT father’s day gift!)
  • Spike ball - For the rambunctious and agile crew, Spike Ball is an active, competitive game. I’m still not sure I know the rules, but this is a super popular four person game. 

What are your favorite lawn games? Leave a comment below!




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