May Monthly Faves

May Monthly Faves

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It’s officially summer now that May is in the books. Hellooo June! While this month felt pretty short, we all still found the time to have a monthly favorite. In our work lives, it was a jam packed few weeks prepping for our Pardy Wrap sale. In our personal lives, some of us splurged on new clothing items, while others of us relaxed in the Q with new shows and kitchen hobbies. Check out some of the team's picks from May!

Claudia: I know that jeans might seem like the craziest monthly fav during this time of athleisure and sweatsuits, but I am obsessed with the new pair I just got. WeWoreWhat launched her denim line a few weeks ago and I was right there at 9:00am ordering a pair. I got the Dani Boyfriend Jeans, which are incredibly soft and comfortable. Even comfy enough for working from home during the quarantine period. The dark wash I got is sold out on her site but you can still find them on Revolve!

Franny: This month my family has started watching David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, a TV series that aired in the 90s but is now on Netflix. I don’t even know how to describe this show, it is just so bizarrely good. Until Twin Peaks, pretty much the only television shows that aired were sitcoms, meaning David Lynch paved the wave for the types of binge worthy TV shows we have today. Somehow Twin Peaks combines comedy of the absurd, murder mystery, romance, and incredible cinematography. It is such a weird feeling to be crying of laughter when the scene before was a funeral or an autopsy, but somehow it is possible. My whole family cannot get enough, so if you’re sick of everything else on Netflix I promise this is something very different. 

Sarah: I, like many others in Quarantine, have been taking this makeup-less time to experiment with different skincare products. For years, a skincare guru friend of mine has been telling me to prioritize sun protection, especially on my freckled face. While I knew she was right, I never found something I could get myself to put on each day. My new favorite thing to put on daily is the Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop. Having tried and hated many thick, greasy-looking, face sunscreens or moisturizers before, I was really impressed with this one. It’s exceptionally lightweight and doesn’t even feel or look like you have anything on. With sunnier days and more time outside ahead, I’ll definitely be buying more of this ‘screen!

Peter: I subscribed to Masterclass a few weeks ago and have been watching quite a few different topics, but of course including cooking/food classes.  I have watched some of Massimo Bottura (from Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy) and all of the Gabriela Camara videos on Mexican cooking.  Massimo’s classes inspired me to start making fresh pasta and I ordered a Marcata Atlas 150 pasta machine.  I just got it the other day and am now waiting for my 00 Flour and Semolina flour to arrive.  Gabriela teaches how to make 3 different types of salsa and uses a Vitamixer - so of course I had to follow suit and got the Vitamixer A2300.  I’m still waiting on it to be delivered, but can’t wait to start making fresh pasta, fresh salsa and other incredibly delicious things!

Tessa: I've been needing to upgrade my prescription glasses for many, many years now (read: since high school), and this month I FINALLY got a new pair from Oliver Peoples. This is a big deal for another reason - I really had to put in some work to get them. Let me rewind quickly. I placed the order back in February through the OP store in Boston, and they arrived for pick up on the day before all the shutdowns. Naturally, once everything closed, no one was picking up the phone at the store. After two straight months of follow up emails, hour-long customer service calls, multiple forms, and zero updates on when my glasses would ship, the glasses magically appeared on my doorstep last week. Needless to say, this was quite the surprise, and a good reminder that persistence pays off! 

Meg: I’ve been LOVING my Nespresso lately - and it’s saving me so much money now that I’m not going on my usual morning Starbucks/Dunkin/Cafe Nero runs. But as the weather gets warmer, I’m not interested in a hot coffee. Luckily, Nespresso came out with a new capsule that is intended to be brewed over ice - Ice Leggero. With a splash of almond milk and a sweetener, I’m finding it way better than a barista’s creation. I go to sleep at night looking forward to my morning coffee (it’s the little things..) and I don’t even have to leave my house! 

Tory: Remember when I was supposed to go on a romantic trip to Mexico with my husband, just the two of us for the first time since having our daughter, but it got cancelled because of a global pandemic? Ya me too - haven’t forgotten about that. And while it still stings (and I know we are so lucky to be safe and healthy), the most prevalent silver lining of not going on that trip is that I now finally can start wearing the entire wardrobe that I bought for it! I have benefited GREATLY from the shopping that I did for that trip. My fav purchase? The Perfect Palazzo Pants from Summersalt. These are part of the Summersalt X Jacey Duprie Collection (if you don’t follow Jacey, do it now - she’s amazing). But let’s just say, these pants are the summer version of sweatpants (but MUCH chicer).

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