The Best Summer Shoes for Every Occasion

The Best Summer Shoes for Every Occasion

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Summer means warm weather, fresh air, and...SALES. Lots of sales. With all the summer sales happening, it’s hard for me to not get swept up in them. I am trying to narrow down what I need and why I need them. As I put away my booties from the winter and start to break out the sandals, I slowly realized that I don’t have proper footwear for the summer. So, back to the sales. Now that I have figured out what's in my closet vs some summer necessities (let’s be real, it’s more of a want than a need on my end), I am shopping with some determination. I broke shoes into categories and highlighted some different scenarios. Most of these are on sale, but there are similar vibes of them all over the internet. Happy shopping!

These corkscrew sandals are a fun twist on the traditional pool slide. The laser cut detailing is so summery and sweet. Jack Rogers shoes are known for molding to your feet so they are a sure bet to be personalized comfort. 

We all know the feeling (*if you have a dog*) of having to run out after dinner to take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. These slippers are super easy to toss on and head out the door. They’ll be nice and snug for your walk and also look very cute doing so. 

These classic flip flops are more than just that. They’re made with leather and are very soft you’ll forget they’re even on. They’re great for all summer occasions, not just the beach.

For a socially distanced gathering or if you feel like dressing up with your quarantine crew -- sometimes it’s fun to put a little heel on. These wedges are on sale currently and the neutral vibes will go with any outfit. The thick heel and platform make heels a little more bearable with the added support. 

These slip-on sneakers come in many colors (the cheetah is pretty fun though!) and have no break in period -- so they are instantly wearable. Not to mention, they are machine WASHABLE. It’s groundbreaking and every sneaker should be like this. No worries if you spill a little ketchup on them at the BBQ - these sneaks will be good as new. 

These sandals are perfect for when you’re running to the post office, getting coffee or commuting to work. The little toe hook elevates them slightly from your usual flip flop. The darker color will also hide the normal wear and tear throughout the summer season. 


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