She's the Sh*t: Kylie Watts

Kylie Watts is the sh*t because she juggles a full-time job and her own business, Watts in Maine, a jewelry company featuring beautiful, classic pieces that capture the essence of Maine and also tell a story (Check that sh*t out!). Her first piece, The Perfect Catch Cuff, completely represents her brand and is formed from an essential lobsterman's tool which determines if a lobster is of legal size to keep. She is a resilient example of a rockin’ Girl Boss who has built her own, incredibly successful business all while maintaining a full-time job.

Kylie Watts, Watts in Maine, wearing a Shit That I Knit hat

Portland, ME

Favorite part of your day: 
I love preparing orders from our online store. I get so excited to see what city and state our pieces are being delivered to.

Who was your first customer (not including family members)? How did you go about getting them to buy your cuff?
Gosh, besides family/friends my first customer was k. Colette. A beautiful store in the Old Port of Portland, Maine.( I did wholesale for almost two years before opening up  my online store.) I sent them an email after noticing a write up in a local Maine Magazine. I knew the Perfect Catch Cuff was perfect for this upscale establishment. The next thing I knew I was in the store showing them the cuff and getting my first wholesale order! They have been a dream to work with since day one.

Imagine meeting the version of Kylie Watts before starting Watts In Maine. What was she like then and what advice would you give to her?
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started my own business.
I asked a few local small business owners in the area some questions to clarify if what I was doing was correct or not.
I was too concerned with pleasing everyone else and I didn't know the ropes.
My advice would have been don't compromise too much. You don't have to please everyone, because this is your business. If you feel a certain way about something, it's ok to say so.  If you can, try and find a mentor that can show you the way. To be honest, I'm a bit stubborn and prefer to do things myself, regardless of the consequences. :)

In the past month or two, what has been a challenge you’ve overcome? What has been a pat-yourself-on-the-back-moment?
I have a manufacturer for some of my jewelry pieces and I designed a piece from start to finish. The product didn't turn out the way I had hoped so we decided to pull the plug after a few months of frustration and disappointment, even though we had put a good amount of money into it. I've learned that nothing ever goes the way you planned in business.
Pat myself on the back moment:
I had a business meeting recently where they seemed surprised I was still working a full time job and doing Watts In Maine on the side. I spend more time being stressed out about how much time I don't have and never realized that I am doing pretty darn good with what I accomplish daily.

Girl Crush:
Priyanka Chopra. She is stunning and can do it all. Have you seen Quantico?!

What STIK hat style do you have and why do you love it (if you love it!):
We should do a list of which hats I don't have! I love my heather colored one the best. I think it's the Motley Beanie-goes with everything. The Ladd in cardinal is such a beautiful color though, so hard to resist!

Style n Shit: Maine Bags & Goods

Hey STIK peeps! We’re kicking off this new blog series featuring brands and products that we LOVE to pair with our shit. If you haven’t already noticed, the STIK clique has an appreciation for high quality, simple, but stylin’ brands and products.

two navy Maine Bags and Goods bags

We thought we’d first feature a product that Christina uses every single day-- her Maine Bag. Maine bags have a simplicity that make them versatile and perfect for any season. Similar to STIK products, Maine Bags are handcrafted one at a time. Its founder, Tori Yattaw, has a focus on unique design elements and craftsmanship making her pieces distinct and beautiful.

Tori is a totally self-taught artist who always enjoyed creating enormous oil paintings. When she began to make bags, she taught herself to sew with YouTube videos and Pinterest tutorials. This is also where she learned topstitching (kinda like on baseball gloves), which became a signature detail on her bags. Tori is driven by passion. She started her business waking up before the sun came up to fulfill orders while she maintained a full-time job as a Controller and Human Resources Manager for a manufacturing company (can you say Girl Boss?).

CMO rocking a Shit That I Knit hat and Maine Bag

Bi-weekly Update: Kicking Off Summer

We’re SUPER excited for this upcoming season. It’s going to be HUGE. So as part of preparation for that, we’ll be back in action with regular blog post updates! As tomorrow is the first official day of summer, we thought we would give you a quick update on our beginning of the summer shenanigans.

Last week you met the Shit Interns (and if you haven’t, check out those shitheads below). They’ve each been jumping right in and taking on various marketing projects and initiatives that they’re interested in. Shit That I Knit HQ is extra fun on Tuesdays when we’re all here together bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating. Last Tuesday Chief Mom Officer (CMO) brought us a yummy lunch and cookies (thanks Mom!!!).

We’re really excited to announce that we have two new budding partnerships for the Give-A-Sh*t program with young adult cancer programs in Chicago and New York. It will be awesome to grow this initiative beyond Dana-Farber in Boston. On the merchandise end, all the styles and colors for this season have been picked out (rly good new shit) and it’s all in the works in Peru-- v exciting. Oh! And CKO picked out a wedding dress! But it’s top secret so don’t ask.

Linus had a false alarm rash-->sporting Dad's t-shirt