15 skincare products we are living for

15 skincare products we are living for

I think it’s fair to say everyone could use a little self-care right now, whatever form that might take. I have been taking the time to try and do things that have a positive impact on my day and make me feel good. And sometimes just the thing to do that is a face mask, a glass of red wine and binge watching Summer House. Below is a list of beauty products I have been loving, (and rediscovering) during this time (hello dry shampoo!) Whether you need a quick fix before your company zoom meeting in 5 minutes or you’re looking for ways to indulge yourself, I think there’s a product on here for everyone.

Clarifying Face Mask  - This mask deep-cleans your pores in just 3-5 min!

Herbivore True Blue Kit - This mini kit is perfect for blemish prone skin. You get both the Lapis Facial Oil & Blue Tansy Mask. The full sizes of these products are not cheap, but with this mini kit you can clarify your skin by testing out both of these winners.

Zit Sticka - Killa Kit. - Put one of these circle patches on an early stage zit before it even comes to the surface and you beat the problem before it arrives. 

Honest Hazel Eye Patches - Do ‘em for 15 mins or overnight to reduce under eye bags and puffiness.

Jade Roller - The roller can reduce puffiness and minimize wrinkles. Leave it in the freezer for a little extra oomph!

Detox Dry Shampoo - A few spritzes from this product and you are good to go. Not to mention it smells delightful.

Olaplex Hair Perfector - This at home hair mask not only strengthens your hair and reduces breakage, it also restores its texture and appearance. 

Origins - The Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay exfoliates your skin and leaves it radiant.

The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan- This non-toxic self tanner is derived from sugar beets and is miraculously streakless. P.S. It’s on sale on Goop right now! 

Living Libations - Best Skin Ever - This product can actually be used as a cleanser, an oil for your face, and an oil for your body. A 3-1 win!

The Ordinary - This paraben free everyday face cream makes your skin silky smooth. Its weight makes it the perfect AM and PM product. 

Ursa Major Face Wipes - These 4-1 wipes brighten, exfoliate, cleanse and clarify your skin - plus they’re organic! 

Himalyan Salt Scrub Shampoo - There are no words to describe this scalp scrub. The texture and scent are truly heavenly when you’re looking for a pick me up.

French Girl Néroli Eye Serum - This easy to use roll-on serum eases under eye inflammation and fine lines. 

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial - This at-home facial kicks dead skin to the curb and makes your face feel like (you guessed it!)... baby skin.


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