Our favorite memes of quarantine

Our favorite memes of quarantine

The memes on social media have been ON FIRE in these past weeks. It’s a scary and unprecedented time right now, and many are finding comfort in a little bit of internet-fueled comedic relief. If your Instagram feed is any bit like mine, I’m seeing approximately 10000 memes every time I open up the app but I am here.for.it. More often than not, you can find me giggling to myself about Quarantine-themed musings, random videos, and dirty jokes (yes, I’m that person). There’s nothing like some humor to brighten up your day, so I figured I’d share what’s been making me laugh recently!

Check, check, check. This quarantine has made it evident that there’s not much I do outside of work and hanging out with my fiance and friends...and I’m okay with it. But if you want to *actually* find a new hobby, check out our Quarantine Knitting Kit! (shameless plug)

The creativity that we’ve seen during this quarantine has been next level. Couldn’t stop loling at this one.

My fiancé tried this on me...needless to say it did not work. A for effort though!

This one hits home because I’m getting married in September (fingers crossed) and I have very strong feelings about Bruno Mars songs at weddings. I will literally leave the dance floor if the band starts playing Uptown Funk (I realize that might be a tad aggressive...). You can guarantee that there will be a strict no Bruno Mars policy at our reception!

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The creation of @dudewithsign is one of the great things to come out of 2019. Basically he posts pictures of himself protesting random, highly relatable things we all feel but don’t necessarily talk about. If you’re into memes, then you know that 2020 was supposed to be THE YEAR (to be more social, to stop eating so much junk food, to limit your online shopping, to get on the dating apps, to basically improve all aspects of yourself...you get the picture). I think everyone would be okay if we fast forwarded to 2021 right about now.

 Can’t resist a good Dad joke! If this doesn’t make you chuckle, then I don’t know what does. This is ultimate spice cabinet goals.

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I will leave you with this cuteness overload from one of my favorite pup accounts @retrieverstagram. That’s all friends!


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