6 ways to stay sane as a mom right now


In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes - this is an actual photo of me from the last three weeks. Being a mom in the time of quarantine has been what I like to call a “learning experience.” I don’t care what kind of mom you are - a working mom, a stay at home mom, an expecting mom, or a mom of four - this sh*t is hard. I’ve had at least 5 meltdowns, I’ve consumed multiple bottles of wine by myself, and I’ve resorted to screen time more than I want to admit. It’s been...interesting.

I’m nowhere near an expert at this - our general approach has been “survive and advance” - survive the day, then advance to the next one. We try to avoid putting any caveats in there about making it look perfect, because the reality is that it’s not going to be. Everyone is emotionally jacked-up, including our almost two year old, so we have to give each other a break. 

So not as an expert, but as someone who likes it when moms share some of the things they do to survive, I thought I’d put together a little list of things that we’ve been doing during quarantine.

Note - if you’re not a mom, that’s okay - you’re still welcome here. Maybe you could do one of these activities to keep yourself entertained? Because I hear life without kids right now is pretty chill. Or you could go do all of us moms a favor and go take a 3 hour nap, because that would be the thoughtful thing to do. 

For when you’re feeling super crafty: Set up any activity from @busytoddler. This account is actual genius - I’m so jealous of people who think like this. Our personal fav has been the water station. 

For when you’re feeling overwhelmed: Watch Disney+. Again, I’m not an expert but these are unprecedented times. And when I’ve needed a little break, this has been my saving grace.

For when you have a lot of energy: Do a nature treasure hunt in your yard. Make a list of things that you can find in your backyard - acorns, mulch, flowers (if you’re lucky), leaves - whatever you can think of. Then set your kids loose to find the treasure!

For when you’re craving a little something sweet: Bake something delicious. Kennedy has been ‘helping’ me cook and bake since she was 15 months - we got her this tower so she can stand at the counter with us. I let her mix and pour things together. Most of the time she’s happy with a spoon and a pan. But now that she’s older, she's actually into it. Plus you get a delicious treat at the end! @Skinnytaste has some AWESOME recipes for kiddos. 

For when you need to get a little work done: Invest in an indoor fort. This has been a total life saver for us. Kennedy played in hers for an hour last week by herself. Small miracles, amirite?

For when your kids go to bed: Enjoy some alone time. Might sounds weird to people who don't have kids, but after a day of entertaining little ones, the reality is that you probably haven’t had much alone time in the last 3 weeks. Go sit in a closet with a bottle of wine. Let your partner do something they want to do. It will all be okay.

What have you been doing with your little ones at home? Share in the comments!


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