4 good things that are happening right now

4 good things that are happening right now

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Like most at home Americans right now, you’re probably getting your fair share of the news right now. Last night, Savannah Guthrie (who we love) posted a photo promoting a special she was hosting with Hoda Kotb. Nothing super divisive was said, but when I looked at the comments on her photo, I noticed a shocking number of people saying “We love you Savannah, but I can only do an hour of news in the morning or else I can’t sleep.” Here I thought I was the only one limiting my news intake!

The reality is that it’s a scary time right now, but there are good things happening out there. So, today I’m bringing you 4 GOOD things that are going on in the world right now!

1. Your fav entertainers are bringing you content from their homes over Zoom.

If you are anything like me, you are starved for entertaining content, and lucky for you the universe provided. Well if the universe was a hardworking and talented bunch of individuals working hard to do their jobs under extraordinary circumstances. For one, Dua Lipa was supposed to perform on the Late Late Show, but obviously that isn’t happening. Instead, she and her band, backup singers and dancers all performed her hit song “Don’t Start Now” from their individual homes. Check it out here!

Similarly, one of my favorite funny tv shows, Big Mouth, did a live read of an episode over zoom. As it is an animated show, it was really cool to see who the voices of all the characters actually were. I loved seeing them all laughing at each other's jokes and funny lines, and finding out that co-creator, Nick Kroll, voiced about half of the characters. Fun bonus, they promoted Feeding America donations to the Covid Response team throughout the show. Check it out here!

2. Blue Whales return to Antarctica almost 40 years after a whaling ban was put in place.

In the 80s, just off the coast of Antarctica, the blue whale population was decimated due to 60 years of whaling. After a whaling ban was put in place, for years nothing changed. Just two years ago, “In 2018, the research mission recorded only 1 sighting and several acoustic confirmations of blue whales—but this year’s voyage logged 36 sightings, totaling 55 individuals.” This is so exciting, because a whopping 97% of their species was lost. It is wonderful to know that protective legislation we’ve been putting in place for endangered species is actually having an impact. Welcome home blue whales!!

3. Your favorite brands are probably on sale right now.

First of all, I understand that there has been some debate as to the ethics of shopping all the current sales right now, specifically whether or not buying non-essentials puts workers at risk in shipping. However, I think it doesn’t hurt to buy that special item you’ve been eyeing for months that is now half off. First of all, it helps that company to increase their cash flow at a time when they are probably struggling. In turn, that puts more money into the sluggish economy. And finally, you are ecstatic when your new WFH sweatpants arrive and your bank account isn’t weeping. 

4. This happened. 

Are you kidding me with this video? It’s literally amazing - I want all of these kids coming out with debut albums tomorrow because I will stream all of them. Holy sh*t - just amazing!

What good are you spreading right now?! Share in the comments!


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Love reading this positive email this am … especially the whales!!! Awesome! and we too love Savannah … hope you are feeling well – due soon right!!!

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