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If you’re anything like me, you’re spending a lot of time on your phone right now. And while my screen time notifications (thanks, Apple) are semi-embarrassing, I don’t envision that number going down much over the next few weeks. In an effort to keep it real, I’m actually finding great comfort in the endless scrolling - I’m finding new-to-me Instagram accounts, learning some great cooking hacks, laughing a lot, and discovering decor inspo. If you, too, are finding solace spending some QT with your phone, scroll on to see my favorite corners of the internet right now. 

@FollowTheFind - Do you love splurge vs. save content? Then this is for you, centered around home decor. 

Things I Bought and Liked - I included this as a monthly fave, but I LOVE this anonymous woman’s reviews of things she’s actually bought (like dry shampoo, trendy sneakers, tv shows, yoga pants - anything and everything!) and liked.

TikTok - Have you downloaded this app yet? I don’t have a specific Toker to recommend, but I’ve been perusing my Discover feed and finding it HILARIOUS. Watching the silly bite-size videos (15 or 60 second) has provided great comic relief right now.

The Stripe - I’ve followed this blog for years! Grace’s page is full of her beauty recs (like learning how to dry brush), quarantine activities, and my personal fave - her monthly book picks. 

Katie Couric’s Instagram Updates - Katie’s doing an incredible job keeping the public informed in an easy-to-digest nightly news update via Instagram. I feel comfortable turning the news off for the night after I read her update, and don’t feel overly compelled to keep the news on all day knowing I’ll get my info later that evening. 

@iamwellandgood - I love this channel for workout videos, recipes, and a daily dose of positivity. Their quick workout routines are just what I need to get my body moving throughout the day. 

@HeatherMcMahan - My favorite comedian. No explanation needed. Just go watch her IG stories and laugh with me. 

Since we all have plenty of time on our hands, let us know who and what you’re loving right now on the interwebs. We want to follow along with you! 


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