Pregnant in a Pandemic

Pregnant in a Pandemic

As of today, I’m officially 38 weeks pregnant. For reference, I’m now in the phase where I’m getting very little sleep and every hour feels equivalent to a week. It’s beautiful, but let’s just say I’m ready to meet this baby. Being pregnant in a pandemic has been...interesting. There are ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I feel really lucky to have been introduced to some amazing people who have helped make this experience as positive as possible (given the circumstances and all).

Since I’ve had some time on my hands waiting for baby Pardy, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of the services, communities, and products that have been helpful during my pregnancy. Don’t worry - I worked very hard to avoid giving any unsolicited advice - we all know how that turns out. Here are some of the amazing things that have worked for me!

My team will attest to the fact that I’m not exactly…detail-oriented. I don’t love to read instructions, that sort of thing. So when it came down to putting together my baby registry, I was more than a little overwhelmed. There are SO many choices out there and so many different (unsolicited) opinions - from strollers to diapers to car seats to bassinets to whether you should hold your baby all day or dance around with incense… you could spend a lifetime doing research. Luckily, a friend put me in touch with Abby at Gugu Guru who solved all of my problems. I did a quick survey and then we hopped on a video-conference to go over my preferences, budget, and lifestyle. The whole process took maybe 2 hours tops, and it was fun! In the end, I got a comprehensive list of exactly what I should add to my registry. The best part was that I looked like a very responsible mom-to-be and got exactly what I needed for my baby shower. 

Tory turned me onto Boston NAPS, and I’m so glad that she did! While there are obviously classes offered by hospitals, Boston Naps has created an amazing community and curriculum for expectant and new parents. Being the very responsible expectant mom that I am, I missed out on signing up for the bootcamp that I’ve heard is really amazing. Instead, we signed up for a couple of different classes: Newborn Essentials, Breastfeeding, and Labor and Delivery. Because of the pandemic, we weren’t able to attend the classes IRL, but the virtual ones have been a lifesaver! Turns out, it might be the way to get your husband to enjoy an hour of breastfeeding tutorials…plop him on the couch with a beer - tons of fun! 

Idk about you, but I’m not trying to get stretch marks. I know there’s a lot to be said about genetics, but I figured I’d give it my best by really treating myself to a great shower and post shower setup. You can get the Coco Rose Body Polish, African Botanics Stretch Mark Oil, and Osea Undaria Algae Oil at Credo - I love exfoliating with the body polish…has to help right?? When I get out of the shower I cover everything that is stretching… (so essentially my entire body) - and then the rest of my body in the Osea oil. Next step: bathrobe, tea, phone, lie in bed and let your S/O cook you dinner. 

I met Caitlin Ritt, the founder of The Lotus Method, at the Tory Burch Fellowship! At the time, I wasn’t pregnant, but I admired Caitlin as a really impressive business owner and founder. When I did learn that I had a baby Pardy on the way, I wanted to be sure to stay fit and healthy. TBH, the first three months, I laid in bed and ate Annie’s Mac n Cheese for every single meal. But once I got through that phase, I got back to the Peloton and tried my best to stay active.

The Lotus Method (TLM) is personalized fitness designed specifically for motherhood. TLM was founded by Master Pre/Postnatal trainer Caitlin Ritt so women could feel supported, safe and empowered during a transformative time in their lives. TLM has four fitness studios in the San Francisco Bay Area and an amazing group of passionate and talented pre/postnatal exercise specialists focused exclusively on helping women have better pregnancies, labors and postpartum recoveries. TLM is now offering virtual one-on-one training to women around the world! The team is thrilled to be able to positively impact more women, especially in these uncertain, stressful, and abnormal times.   

A FUN SURPRISE! The Lotus Method is offering a discount to all Sh*t That I Knit mothers and mothers to be. Redeem 15% off your first virtual session pack (5 or 10 sessions) by visiting, and mentioning Sh*t That I Knit in your inquiry form! Your assessment is complimentary w/ package purchase. 

When I first got pregnant, I was like, “no way am I spending a lot of money on maternity clothes!” Oh, nice idea Christina!! Just wait until NOTHING fits and you feel like a cow. When we were in NYC for our pop-up, I zipped over to Hatch Collection just to see what the fuss was all about. Oh - everything fits perfectly and makes you feel chic while being comfortable. I bought a few staple pieces and have worn them non-stop throughout the past 9 months. 

Pregnant or not, I think I’ll continue to live in the LuluLemon Align Pant. They are insanely soft and comfortable - plus the band around your belly isn’t super tight which is great for when that area is growing. They were absolutely perfect for months 6-8… now that I’m in month 9 I’ll admit that they roll down under the bump, but still prefer them over everything else.  

I’ve gotten pretty sick of having water at dinner. I tend to bring Grapefruit Spindrift with me to dinner parties the same way I’d bring a bottle of wine - it’s nice to have something that tastes a little different!! 

Another Tory recommendation!! At first, I thought I’d be able to get by with just a pillow between my knees… oh how naive I was!! This is a long time to sleep on your side and the amount of times I woke up on my back thinking “oh sh*t… how long have I been like this” was a little bit concerning. Plus, now that I am uncomfortably pregnant, I really look forward to snuggling with my maternity pillow (sorry Alex)! It wraps around you perfectly and helps you stay on your side through the night. Yes, it’s a little bit cumbersome and kinda makes me hot… but that’s why you open a window! 

I was able to make it through an entire winter without buying a true “maternity jacket” and I’m pretty happy about that! I loved the Stio Amalia Jacket before I was bumpin’ because 1) I love Stio and 2) loved the boxy, more city look this coat has. I’ve actually gotten more compliments on it than I have on many of my jackets… it’s really cute! It’s truly the only coat that fits me right now, so hoping I have this baby soon/the weather gets warmer so I don’t have to rescind my statement about not buying a maternity jacket! 

Anyone else out there pregnant during this pandemic? Share the products and services that you've been loving in the comments!


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