The Craft Kit Roundup You Need Today

The Craft Kit Roundup You Need Today

I know I work for a knitting company, but in all honesty, I’ve never actually knit anything in my life until last week. I broke down and started the STIK Quarantine Kit - and I can honestly say that a week in I’m totally addicted. I honestly don’t even care what I’m making, I just find it so meditative and soothing. (It’s nice to know that what we say about knitting is actually true and not just a bunch of marketing speak, right?!)

I’ve always loved crafts - growing up I was the girl making thousands of knotted friendship bracelets, so It’s been nice to return to my roots, as they say. I got curious about what other craft kits are out there, and it turns out that craft kits are v in right now for obvious reasons. So I pulled together a little round up of some of the craft kits that I’m thinking about buying for the remainder of quarantine life.

Jill Rosenwald Pottery Painting Kit: Our dear friend Jill Rosenward has put together the CUTEST ceramics painting kit. Christina and Sarah have both purchased it and said it was very fun. It’s definitely more of a project than a craft, but hey, we have more than enough time on our hands. To buy the kit, DM Jill on Instagram @jillrosenwald and ask about the kits. Also If you don’t already know, Jill has the most amazing ceramics collection, so check that out while your at it!

Erin McDermott Jewelry Kit: Erin is another friend of ours who makes gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. If we want to learn about jewelry making from anyone, it’s Erin. This kit comes with the elastic and beads needed to make your own gorg jewels.

Needle Art Club: Claude recommended this one and now I’m 100% buying one of these. I’ve never heard of “punch needle art” but I feel like it’s something that I’m going to love. You can pick from so many designs, and from the videos I’ve seen, it looks SO satisfying.

Stephie Chic Tie on Bracelet Kit for Mommy + Me: I love everything about this kit. So much so that I’ve already bought it! Yay! So fun, so easy, and it’s great for kids. Kennedy MIGHT be too young for this, but as we keep saying in our house “It’s Quarantine - let’s do it.” 

STIK Quarantine Kit: I mean, I had to put this on here. If you haven’t given this a try, well, you are missing out. I know I’m biased but I’m here to tell you that knitting is v cool right now, and you’re missing out on a serious mental cleanse if you don’t buy this kit.

Painting By Numbers Kit: I’m a terrible painter, so this paint by numbers kit looks very intriguing to me. Lots of different animals to choose from too!

Herb Garden: If there was ever a time to start your own herb garden, it’s now. We’re all trying to avoid the grocery store as much as we can, so why not bring this in house (literally) and start your own garden. Loved this one from Urban Outfitters.

Friendship Bracelet Kit: Pretty sure this is the actual kit I used to learn how to make friendship bracelets to begin with. My 10-year-old self is giddy thinking about buying this one. 

S/O/S Kit: So I saved this one for last because it doesn’t quite fit into the craft kit, but it is one of my favorite kits. S/O/S started in Boston and provides machines that feature premium feminine care products, haircare, skincare, and more. Given the current situation, the brand has pivoted to provide S/O/S kits to healthcare workers. You can head to their website and give a kit to a healthcare worker who you know needs a little extra love right now. The best part: for every 2 kits you send, S/O/S donates a kit. Can we get a round of applause for S/O/S?!

What kits are you buying to stay busy?! Share below in the comments!


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