The STIK Team Learns to Knit

Fun fact: until last week, Christina was the ONLY member of the STIK team who knew how to knit. Kind of crazy, right? But if ever there was a good time to learn, it is now. So we’ve each started out on our knitting journey. And the general consensus - knitting is really meditative, addictive, and once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. We’ve all had to restart once or twice, and none of our projects are perfect, but it’s been really fulfilling. The last thing I’ll say is that we all have even more respect for our talented team of knitters in Peru. We’ll never be able to compete with their talent, but it’s so fun to share this new passion with them!

Now onto our knitting journeys!

Claudia: All I have to say is Christina makes this look easy!!! After roughly 30 times of trying to cast on and restarting I have finally gotten the hang of it. I am a total convert now. This is so fun, meditative AND made me feel productive while watching Schitt’s Creek. (Not pictured: when I knit almost a whole row using the “tail” and not the yarn attached to the ball. lol.)

Franny: I have fully drunk the Kool Aid on this one. I am now one with knitting, I look into the future and I see myself smothered in 10 hand knit blankets as my cats try to paw me out. Oh did I mention my future cats are all wearing hand knit cat vests? I know - I’m not proud of it, okay I’m a little proud of it. But seriously, I’ve had to endure a lot of multi family Zoom reunions and knitting beneath the camera is basically the only thing getting me through it. I am zen. I am zen. I am zen.

Sarah: My biggest challenge so far has been balling the yarn. I’m not sure why I struggled so much, but there was a tangled mess involved. I’m embarrassed to admit that I also attempted to Tik Tok my yarn balling experience and that probably just complicated the process. Here’s the progress I made while listening to a webinar yesterday (love the multi-tasking capabilities!). I’m definitely taking more of an experimental approach to my cowl- playing around with different patterns of knitting and purling. I haven’t taken the entire thing out due to imperfections *yet*, so I’m impressed with myself!

Meg: I get it now. I get why we have 3,000 new knitting converts. Knitting is SO therapeutic. It took me about an hour to turn my mess of a skein into a ball - but you know what they say - it’s not how you get there as long as you GET THERE (does anyone say that?) It took a few go’s to cast on and knit my first row, but once I got the hang of it I couldn’t stop! I never thought I’d be that girl who says “I’ll turn off the lights after I finish this last row! Let me just finish one last stitch!” yet, here I am. 

Tessa: you can see, I haven't made much progress. I've "cast on" in knitting speak, and am in the process of completing my first 22 stitches. It took me AWHILE to get these stitches right (starting with the knot - may or may not have had to Google "how to do a slip knot"). I owe my fiance $50 if I don't finish the cowl in the next seven days (lots of fun betting happening in our household right now, but also rude that he thinks I will fail!). Check in with me on Monday though... I have big knitting plans for this weekend.

Tory: I am HOOKED (LOL - knitting pun). Seriously though - I’m addicted to knitting. It’s been a week and Christina has already caught me knitting under the table during a meeting. It’s SO relaxing - I can’t really describe why, but it just takes my mind off of everything going on in the world right now. What’s weird is that I’m a total perfectionist, like to a fault, but not with my knitting! It’s far from perfect, but I just keep fixing what I can and powering through. The way I see it, the flaws add character...omg, I can’t believe I just said that.

Peter: So today is actually my birthday, and I haven’t actually had a chance to start my kit. Too much celebrating! I did receive it this week, and I can’t wait to get started. Here’s a pic of when I received my kit earlier this week.

The STIK Team


  • Lori

    I got my first Quarantine knit kit back in March and I too was hooked. I work in health care and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to Knit!! I love going on your FB page and seeing all of the beautiful work people are kitting.. thank you!!

  • Gerry Kay Walrath

    I just love beginners…………..cannot wait to see how Peter does!!!!!!!

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