A Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers for Everyone in your Family

A Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers for Everyone in your Family


Every single year since I can remember my stocking has been filled with candy, gum, socks, and toothbrushes. Santa’s consistent and I’m not complaining. Those are always great options, but I personally think of stocking stuffers as the thoughtful, extra touch to the rest of the presents. It’s where you can get a little creative outside of the list to Santa. Check out these are ideas below on ways to go the extra mile in the stocking stuffer category this year. 

  1. Whether she has a stack of STIK beanies or is getting her very first beanie this year, our Yarn Pom Pom Pack and Faux Fur Pom Pom Pack are the perfect addition to her STIK collection. With the ability to snap on 2 new pom poms depending on her outfit, you’re basically giving her 2 more hats!
  2. This time of year starts to get tough on the hands with the constant sanitizing and colder weather. A sleek silver tube of L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is a no brainer for her stocking this year.  
  3. She’s always reaching for a notepad whether it’s to make a list, write a note, jot down a phone number, doodle while she’s stuck on the phone with a distant relative, etc. etc. This Shine On Notepad from Cece Dupraz is so fun and it’s extra deep so she’ll have it around for a while. 
  4. I have been seeing these Noted Candles everywhere recently. I’m obsessed with the Vanilla Amber fragrance and love the simple design of all of their candles. Plus, they’re made locally in Boston.  



  1. This 4 Layer Bandana Mask from Lo & Sons is protective, functional and comfortable. It’s a great masculine mask option for the guy in your life who prefers the bandana/buff look. Plus, it comes in great colors and patterns.
  2. The Quip Toothbrush is a sleek electric toothbrush that’s much smaller than most electric toothbrushes. It also times out your brushing so you’re more inclined to brush for the full 2 minutes. The Quip could be a gift for anyone, but it’s an electronic I could see some guys I know getting pretty excited about. 
  3. The Yeti Rambler 20oz Tumbler is made for both keeping hot coffee hot and cold beer cold. My dad loves his Yeti for keeping his coffee hot all day while he’s working from home or working out in the yard on a chilly day. 
  4. For all those bacon lovers out there, this Bacon Bin Silicone Grease Container is a game changer for bacon making clean up. Nobody likes to deal with the bacon grease, but this container makes it clean, easy, and actually kind of cute. 


  1. These phone cases from The Daily Edited are the perfect personalized stocking stuffer for both girls and guys. There are several different types of cases and personalization options to choose from and you really can’t go wrong! Plus, they’re high quality, well made protective cases.
  2. STIK’s bright pink Hand Knit Hat Keychain is an adorable way to rep STIK while making your keys much easier to find. Plus, it’s hand knit and merino wool just like our products.
  3. Harding Lane Baseball Hats are a classic New England style baseball hat with several needlepoint design options. There are so many options, you can truly find something for everyone. 
  4. These Kelsie Hoop Earrings from Simone The Label are a simple, but unique everyday earring. They’re a great, affordable jewelry addition to the stocking. 
  5. A little self care in the stocking is always a good move. Cocokind is the clean skincare brand that all the cool beauty and wellness influencers are talking about. This Cocokind sea kale face mask looks magical for a self care night in. 



  1. This easily portable JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker is ideal for socially distanced hangouts with friends or to bring on the go literally anywhere. It’s small, but produces good sound.
  2. Glossier’s Balm Dotcom lip balm and gloss is a no brainer stocking stuffer. I love that Balm Dotcom acts as both a moisturizing lip balm and a tinted lip gloss. 
  3. We’ll let you decide if your teen deserves a stocking full of Sh*t. Our Bliss Headband or The Linus Beanie will absolutely keep your teens’ ears warm this winter. 
  4. Give the gift of a high quality manicure at home with The Mani System by Olive & June. The Mani System gives you everything you could need for giving yourself a salon-level manicure. It certainly has the STIK team’s stamp of approval!



  1. I hear these Super Smalls accessories are allll the rage with the little ones. These jewels truly take dress up time to the next level and I love that they’re all themed to real adult events. 
  2. The Surprise Bubble Bath Bomb by Two Sisters Spa is a delicious smelling, fizzly, bath bomb with a surprise toy inside. It’s like a Happy Meal for your bathtime. It’s guaranteed to get your kid excited about taking a bath.
  3. This Sophia Doll Necklace from Meri Meri is too cute. What’s better when you’re a kid than being able to wear your doll and take it everywhere you go?! I’d hope this would result in fewer lost dolls too ;). 
  4. If there’s one thing I know from childhood, it’s that kids go crazy for temporary tattoos. These Temporary Tattoos from Tattly look like higher quality than any temporary tattoos I ever had as a kid. 









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