A Gift Guide For the Hardest People to Shop For

It’s finally here! The gift-giving season is upon us and it’s time to bring back our guides. Based on the feedback we received from our survey, we found most people needed help finding gifts for their in-laws. Now, if you are reading this and thinking “my in-laws aren’t hard to shop for,” don’t worry, we have four more gift guide editions coming out over the next few weeks. 

Now back to the gift guide at hand -- shopping for your in-laws! Whether you have just started dating or have been married for 10+ years, there’s a gift here for everyone that will be in your comfort zone. We can all relate to the anxious feeling about celebrating that first (or 10th!) holiday with your partner. The panicked thoughts of “Did I overdo it?” “Did I not do enough?” start to creep in when you enter your in-laws' home. Whether you know them well or not at all, this list will help ease your mind when it comes time to open presents. You got this!!

  1. Jiggy Puzzles is a multi-dimensional puzzle company. First, it’s a female-founded business and each different puzzle picture is created by female artists. Jiggy also provides special glue and instructions so you can save your masterpiece forever. You can even frame it and hang it! The puzzles come in a glass jar which makes the presentation just fab, too. 
  2. A new cookbook is always a fun gift to receive. I personally love trying out new dishes and seeing what new things are out there! Especially, now that we are home and cooking more, it’s a really great activity. Alpine Cooking, Half Baked Harvest, and It’s All Good are some of my favorites books and have fantastic recipes.
  3. The Motley Mittens by STIK are the perfect gift because everyone needs mittens in the winter. Our mittens come in two different stitches and they’re one size fits all -- so no need to worry about them not fitting. Whether your MIL is into brights or neutrals, we have just the pair for her. Plus, there are finger holes so she can text or zip up her jacket with ease. 
  4. Wild Lather makes beautiful vegan and cruelty-free soaps. They use several oils and clays that work to revitalize your skin. I love that they come in a triangle shape -- they really look like a piece of art. Plus, the scent creates a very calming environment. ...
  1. Backgammon - I don’t think I’ve ever played more backgammon in my life than in the last few months. It’s such a classic game and a crowd-pleaser. I love giving and receiving games during the holidays because they provide hours of entertainment. There are many websites out there where you can customize your board, but Amazon and GammonVillage both have a ton of great options. 
  2. Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner by Lexon is a gadget I haven’t seen before, but is actually a really cool concept. You just put your phone in it and it disinfects and charges it. (*You might have to find out what phone your FIL has before buying this), but this is a very fun tech present. 
  3. Everyone loves curling up under a blanket during the holidays (and all winter!) and Faherty makes really special blankets. They have a white sherpa lining and very fun patterns on top. Definitely, a gift that won’t disappoint! 
  4. The ICEMULE cooler is a fun take on a traditional cooler. It’s hands-free, waterproof--and it floats in water! The top is also very unique -- it rolls instead of having a traditional lid. It’s great for beach days, boat days, and aprés!
  1. Glerup slippers  are incredibly warm. They’re made with wool on top and leather on the bottom, so they’re definitely more shoe-like than slipper-like. Slippers are a much-appreciated gift you can’t go wrong with!
  2. The Linus Beanie by STIK is another fabulous winter accessory. It’s made with a mix of alpaca and merino wool so it’s super soft and won’t itch. It’s a one size fits all, so again you do’t have to worry about sizing. It comes three awesome neutral colors.
  3. This Lo & Sons Face Mask is called the “all-day comfort mask” and it really is just that. It’s the most technical mask I own, with 4 layers of protection, a flat wire to fit your nose, and comfy neoprene ear straps. Plus, there’s a lanyard built in, so you never have to put it down or in your pocket. It’s unisex and makes a really good gift!
  4. You might be wondering why I am suggesting to give your BIL a water bottle, but hear me out. 1. Hydroflasks aren’t cheap, and 2. They’re amazing. I bought mine a couple of months ago and it’s seriously helped me with staying hydrated. They’re perfect for long car rides or sitting at your desk because they hold so much water at one time. This one holds 32oz of water. I recommend getting the straw top - it makes it much easier to drink out of!


  1. Baggu makes really awesome bags in all shapes and sizes for an amazing price. I personally love their Giant Pocket Tote because it is really versatile. It can be used as a grocery shopper, a beach bag, an overnight bag, and an everyday tote. The company also uses sustainable materials like recycled canvas and nylon. I highly recommend checking out all of their different totes!
  2. Sib-lings is a DIY premium candle kit. The company has an amazing mission to stop the “throwaway” culture, so they created sustainable candles. The wax is eco-friendly and the packaging is plant-based. This is a gift you can definitely feel good about giving -- and it’s a bonus activity for a rainy day.
  3. The Bliss Headband by STIK is a gift you definitely can’t go wrong with. It’s one size fits all and is incredibly cozy. It’s the perfect accessory for walking the dog or running errands. The headband comes in a ton of colors so you can find the perfect one for your SIL!
  4. Soko is more than just a beautiful jewelry brand. It is a female-founded business, and each piece is handmade by artisans in Kenya. These earrings are made with recycled brass and are incredibly lightweight -- so they’re perfect for all-day wear. Soko also uses natural, ethically-sourced materials like reclaimed horn and bone, and teak.


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