A Gift Guide for the 20-Something Girl in Your Life

A Gift Guide for the 20-Something Girl in Your Life


We are back with our second gift guide for this holiday season. This week we are talking all things “millennial girl.” Maybe this gal is your cousin, sister, daughter, step-sister, half-sister, niece, or sister-in-law. Whoever she is in your life, we’re here to help you look like the coolest, hippest millennial gift giver there ever was. 

This week, we’ve broken things down by what your millennial girl might love or care about. Because if you haven’t already heard, us millennial women are all unique and special  in our own way.. So whether the 20-something girl in your life is constantly on the move or very into cooking, I’m giving you detailed insight into the mind of a 20 something girl…(mom - this is basically my Christmas list...hint, hint). Take a look below!


  1. I have absolutely been coveting these running sneakers from ON Running. I love the neon yellow and think they would really come in handy on evening runs, especially since it’s getting darker earlier. This style is also great for all types of workouts from running outside to the gym.
  2. I have gotten many recommendations to purchase these leggings from Beyond Yoga. They’re buttery soft, high waisted, and stay in place. They’re moisture-wicking to keep you dry on workouts, but cozy enough to wear on off-days. I am loving this black-charcoal color!
  3. When I lived in NYC, I used to love going to P.Volve classes in their studio. Now they’re online and have virtual classes. I’ve been dying to get their starter kit to do it at home. If you haven’t heard of P.Volve before it’s is an incredible workout for truly anyone. It’s low impact training based on physical therapy methods so it’s really gentle on your joints, but you definitely feel the burn! 
  4. The Theragun is definitely a pricier gift, but a great investment. They now make a mini version that’s perfect for traveling but still durable and strong! These are great for helping muscle soreness or cramps whenever you feel like you need a little massage.  


  1.  Wool Lounger Fluffs from Allbirds look heavenly! These slip-on sneakers are merino wool lined with sherpa on top. Have no fear about getting white sherpa dirty because these are machine washable(!!).  They are also made with renewable materials -- you can’t go wrong with gifting these!
  2. This Feel Good Lounge Set from Z Supply looks ridiculously comfy. The set is made from recycled polyester jersey knit and comes with both joffers and top. This set comes wrapped in red bow -- so it’s already very ready to gift this holiday season!
  3. Felix Gray makes great blue light glasses. With all of our screen time these days, they help filter blue light and eliminate glare. I also find that they help with headaches caused from staring at a screen for too long. Felix Gray also has some other pretty cool technologically advanced glasses, like sleep glasses, designed to help you unwind at night.
  4. Oil diffusers really have a way of changing up your environment, which is definitely needed if you are working from home. You can add whatever scent you like and watch your working space be ~transformed~ into a very zen environment. I love the shape of this one, too!


  1. This oversized Overnight Sherpa Bag by Z Supply is probably the coziest bag I’ve ever seen. It’s cute, affordable and will fit a TON of stuff. Speaking for myself, I don’t have enough oversized totes, and this one looks perfect. I’d recommend getting the black one -- just for cleanliness purposed, the white will definitely show dirt more easily.
  2. Whether this recipient is commuting to work, walking the dog, or hitting the slopes, a STIK beanie is the perfect gift. They’re the softest and warmest beanies you’ll ever come across. Treat her to an extra pom pom for double the fun! I’d recommend getting The Motley Beanie if you don’t know which style to pick -- that’s one of our most popular styles!
  3. If this girl lives in cold weather and it snows a lot, Moon Boots are a really nice gift. First of all, they’re ridiculously comfortable. They’re like walking on clouds (hence: moon) and really warm. I love this pair with the shearling on them. 
  4. Athleta makes great face masks for whatever situation you find yourself in. Like going for a brisk walk or run outdoors -- they’re designed to be very breathable. This is also super beneficial for being in an office all day with a mask on, too! 


  1. I recently just purchased my first cast iron skillet. After years of realizing how much I needed one I finally made the move. It’s an absolute game-changer when cooking meat. I also love that you can put the skillet in the oven, so you don’t need to transfer food from pan to cooking sheet. I think this is a must-have for all budding chefs!
  2. Brightland Olive Oil & Vinegar mini set is the perfect gift for a cook. Brightland is a female-founded company that specializes in making wonderful olive oil and vinegar. Their products are sourced from family-run farms in California and are never over-processed or filled with artificial preserves. Brightland makes a high quality product and also suggest how to pair each oil or vinegar with certain foods.
  3. The Our Place Always Pan is designed to take the place of 8 traditional pieces of cookware. That’s right… 8 pots and pans combined into one. It’s the only pan a chef needs as you can sear, steam, saute, boil, etc. with just the one. Plus that also means so much so more space in cabinets!
  4. An Air Fryer is something I have been wanting for a long time. It can cook all of your favorite fried foods with 88% less fat. You can air fry anything from chicken to potatoes (helloo french fries!) and cauliflower. It makes easy and delicious foods!

  1. This Manicure kit by Olive & June gives you all the tools for the perfect at-home manicure. Olive & June includes a special polish bottle handle that makes painting much easier and more controllable for at home manis. They also provide tools in the kit that make it easy to clean up if you make a mistake -- something I can seriously relate to!
  2. I’ve been wanting this personal humidifier from HeyDewy for quite some time. It’s portable so it’s great to travel with or leave in your bedroom and it won’t take up too much shelf space. As winter approaches, skin is only getting dryer and this humidifier is here to save the day by keeping your face constantly hydrated.
  3. Sometimes you just need a break from screen time and have a creative outlet. This Andy Warhol coloring book is just the task for that. You can color in 32 of his famous paintings. *Crayons and colored pencils sold separately! 
  4. The Cowl Knit Kit by STIK is the perfect kit for beginner knitters. Our kit provides you all the tools needed to create you first project. There are a ton of benefits to knitting like reducing anxiety and stress. We also have an exclusive knitting Facebook group that you can join once you get your kit to connect with our community around the country!




I needed some help with the 20 somethings in my life, so thanks…all great ideas!

hilary Steinert
hilary Steinert


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