A Gift Guide for the Guy in Your Life

A Gift Guide for the Guy in Your Life

Ah yes...it’s here. The ever in-demand “Gift Guide for your Guy.” I swear, last year when we put this gift guide out, we got multiple emails from you guys thanking us for all of the inspo. We were touched...until this year, when we all looked around and said, “Oh sh*t, we used all of our good ideas in last year’s gift guide...” 

Needless to say, I really had to do some digging and get in touch with my inner dude to come up with this list. But after a lot of research, I think I nailed it for you guys this year. Happy shopping!!!


  1. Drinking water is important and using plastic water bottles is a big faux-pas. Sub in this 21oz Hydroflask water bottle to reinforce all good habits in 2021.
  2. The Fitbit Sense Smart Watch is an activity tracker that scans for everything from stress to body temperature to heart rate. Plus, FitBit’s interface is awesome!

  1. If your guy likes to cook and does not have a Sous vide, you are going to look like a hero this holiday season. The sous vide heats water to the exact temperature you need to achieve the PERFECT darkness you want. We have one - it’s the best tool we own.
  2. Written by the one and only, Serena Wolf, The Dude Diet Cookbook is packed with delicious recipes that are straightforward, delish, and WAY healthier than ordering out. 

  1. Guys LOVE a good sweatshirt, and I think this Freefly sweatshirt might be the most perfect sweatshirt ever made. Lots of colors available and it’s super soft.
  2. Okay, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but these Glerups Slippers are very hip right now. They come in leather or rubber bottoms and the best part, ladies?! They don’t smell. 
  3. Do you have a coffee lover on your hands who is missing his Starbucks? Highly recommend this Hario Cold Brew Maker - it’s super easy and tastes great.
  1. This Barbour Weather Comfort Holdall Bag is great for weekend trips and fits a lot of stuff. AKA you can put your extra sweaters in there when he’s done packing the three things he needs for an entire weekend.
  2. Ok - this I sort of stumbled on but this GQ Best Stuff Box looks kind of cool. It’s basically a subscription box, but with cool GQ approved products. 
  3. Naadam makes great quality products, so I have no doubt that this sweater is top notch. Plus all of their products are sustainable - it’s a win-win.
  4. Our Linus Beanie is maybe one of the softest things you will ever touch. A beanie that your guy will ACTUALLY wear?!? Amazing.

  1. Who doesn’t love a nice personalized golf ball? These Vice Golfballs are solid golfballs that are easy to personalize.
  2. This is a big gift, but if your guy is a big golfer, a rangefinder is very helpful to have. My husband claims this Bushnell Range Finder is the best one out there.
  3. This SKLZ Putting Accelerator is the perfect gift for when we are all stuck inside this winter and need something to do. Only rule is that is that it can’t go in the living room.

  1. This is what I like to call a “duel purpose gift” - this charging station from Etsy is perfect for your tech lover to keep all of his things charged. It’s ALSO an organizer...aka no more random piles of stuff laying around your house.
  2. Ok - this is a very cool thing. The Ibi - Smart Photo Manager is basically an alternative to the cloud. It allows you to organize and share your photos privately and keep track of all of your memories through an app. Very cool stuff.

  1. I learned about Truefitt & Hill Co. from a conference I went to last year. I put a jar of the shave cream in my husband’s stocking last year and he LOVED it. Now it’s all he uses.
  2. I’ve been putting this Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye Puffer in my husband’s stocking for years. It’s a great product - I know because I’ve borrowed it more than once. It goes on cool and feels so good, especially after a fun night out.


  1. It’s always nice for dad’s to have their own “diaper bag” of sorts. Just something they can throw some diapers, wipes and a bottle in that it’s CLEARLY made for women. This Fjallraven backpack is a great multi-purpose option.
  2. Every dad I know has these Nike Killshot sneakers. I’m really not sure why they are a beacon for dad’s everywhere, but they do kind of scream “I’m a chill Dad.”
  3. At first I thought an Annual Subscription to masterclass would be a weird gift, but then I started looking at the library of classes and kind of loved the idea of it, especially given the times we are in. Might be a nice alone time activity for Dad in the dead of winter this year.



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