5 Earring Brands that Make a Statement to any Outfit

5 Earring Brands that Make a Statement to any Outfit


Earrings are to an outfit what herbs and spices are to any good dish. Of course, you could have a dish without herbs and spices, but would it really be any good? This is how I feel about earrings… they are very important to me. There is such an extreme range of earrings that almost everyone from your 6-year-old daughter to your cranky librarian wears them. Not saying I would ever wear Claire’s plastic studs or giant jewel clip-ons, but I’m saying they exist. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a list of earrings/stores that have caught my eye lately. (Side note: note only is Christina our Founder and Chief Knitting Officer, but she is also the CEO of badass earrings with every fit, so I’m praying this list gets approved.)

The shop Obsidian Pause is for you. I recently came across these earrings when scrolling through a list of black-owned businesses to support, and immediately I bought two pairs. Each pair really has its own story, Azania Tripp has collected her paper and materials from all across the globe: Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Sydney, Australia, New York, Minnesota, and Michigan. On the site there is a really wide range of earrings, so whether bold statements are your thing or subtle geometric studs, they have it all. 

Check out natural pearl earrings from Maris Pearl Co. that are as unique as you. Inspired by the founder’s pilgrimage to her family’s ancestral islands in Greece, the pearls symbolize a timeless and elegant human being, “confident enough to be her own muse.” Additionally, 5% of total sales on these dainty earrings go to Aegean Rebreath, an NGO working to conserve the Mediterranean Sea.

To fill your many earholes with hoops, shop DALMATA. I’m so sorry, I promise I will never say earholes again. If you’ve always wanted to have tiny dinosaurs or safety pins hanging from your ears, look no further. Not only are these hoops and dangles extremely trendy, but they are also sustainable. From the water-soluble packing peanuts to the recycled and repurposed metal scraps that make up the jewelry, there is an effort to decrease their global imprint. 

Is it your last chance to bag our Susie Earrings? Yes. Are they also 40% off? Yes. Do I need to say more? Not really, but I love talking so I will. These gorgeous statements, purple earrings are handcrafted in Lima, Peru using natural straw and Colombian silk. With these bad boys, you will be a statement in any season… but only if you act fast. 

LELIA + MAE has the sort of hoop earrings you only see in your dreams. They are another kick-ass company entirely run by women and have all the accessories you need to add that lil something something to your daily lives. Made to last and impress, these earrings have unique geometric designs and chunky patterns in both gold and silver. To be honest, I really don’t know what else you could ask for.

Alright, that was my round-up of fresh herbs and spices for all your cooking needs. For real though, take the plunge and consider spicing up your life with some earrings. What accessory do you feel as passionately about? It’s okay to say earrings --  it is, after all, the right answer.





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CYnthia Maria
CYnthia Maria

Check out a small female owned earring designer/maker @wilddarlings.handmade Beautiful workmanship!!

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