5 Last-Minute Gifts Under $100

5 Last-Minute Gifts Under $100

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With the holidays zeroing in on us, holiday shopping time is also narrowing down. If you still have people on your list that you need to shop for, but you don’t want to break the bank - this list is for you. Here are easy, affordable gifts the recipient is sure to love!

1. Who doesn’t need a wool headband?! The Bliss Headband from STIK is the perfect winter accessory. I’ve been loving mine lately for those cold morning runs that December weather brings. It’s insanely warm, stays in place, and is v cute!

2. A WFH essentials is a cozy blanket to wrap up in. This throw from Matouk is very classic and will be sure to go with any home decor. I love herringbone pattern and little tassels. It’s a very cozy gift for anyone on your list!

3. I think this might be one of the best inventions ever. A coffee mug and coaster that keeps your coffee hot. We all know the dreaded feeling of waiting too long to drink your coffee and then it gets cold. But with this mug and warmer plate, that will never happen again! This is a great gift for all the coffee lovers out there. 

4. An easy and welcomed gift is always a new planner. This 2021 planner from Page Eleven Paper Goods is just adorable and will also keep the recipient really organized. I love on the first page how it has spot to write your 2021 goals and ambitions. 

5. Again, another winter necessity, (and also WFH necessity) is slippers! I love these ones from Madewell. They’re super classic with the brown suede, and you know they’ll keep all feet toasty warm. 


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