5 Occasions when a Monogrammed Pardy Wrap is the Perfect Gift

5 Occasions when a Monogrammed Pardy Wrap is the Perfect Gift

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The Pardy Wrap is a wonderful, timeless gift for all seasons and many reasons. But, did you know you can monogram your wrap, too? From zodiac signs to Nantucket Island to monogram letters, a customized Pardy Wrap adds that special little touch for a really thoughtful gift. Below are some gifting instances you might find yourself in, but we’ve got you covered with ideas. 

1. A Mother’s Day gift for your mother-in-law:

This doesn’t need to apply to only Mother’s Day, as you can gift this for many different holidays or celebrations. If you find yourself wondering what to get your mother-in-law that will be meaningful, but also be of good longlasting value to her -- look no further than a monogrammed Pardy Wrap.

2. A wedding gift to your best friend: 

If you have a friend getting married and she is changing her last name, this is a really fun gift to add to her collection of things with her new initials. It’s a really well thought out present that will mean a lot to her. Sure, a new vacuum is nice, but a Pardy Wrap with her new initials will always remind her of you and her special day. Bonus idea -- monogrammed Pardy Wraps are also amazing bridesmaids gifts.  

3. A Valentine’s Day present:

I know we are a long way from Valentines’s day, but this doesn’t mean you can’t put this idea in your back pocket. Pardy Wraps are perfect in both summer and winter. A Valentines’ Day gift of coziness and personalization is all you need and you can wear it throughout the whole year. Drop hints to your partner for yourself, or remember this one for your loved one when February rolls around!

4. A birthday gift for your astrology-loving friends:

Do you have friends that get their astrological charts read professionally or read their horoscopes every day? This gift is perfect for the astrology-loving people in your life. Leo season is upon us and it is not too late to put an order in for any birthday’s coming up!  

5. A treat to yourself:

I’ll be frank here. We have all been through a lot these last 5 months or so, and sometimes it just feels right to treat yourself (this is a coping mechanism I have been using and if it’s wrong I don’t want to be right!). If you’ve been eyeing a Pardy Wrap, why not treat yourself to a little coziness is these rather scary and uncertain times. 

Let us know your reasons why a monogrammed Pardy Wrap is the best gift in the comments!


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