The STIK Teams Favorite Songs of Summer

The STIK Teams Favorite Songs of Summer

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Before we wrote this blog, it was right before Taylor Swift surprise dropped her new album Folklore. I think I speak for the whole team when I say the songs below are now our second favorite songs of the summer to Taylor’s new album. If you didn’t know by now, the whole STIK team is basically die-hard Taylor fans. If we were in the office right now, we would probably have it on repeat all day. But, discussing every detail on Zoom will have to do for now! If you don’t love Taylor as we do, that is okay, because we have some other great tunes for you to listen to. We have a very fun list of some of our favorite artists you can enjoy for the rest of the summer.

Christina: I’ve been listening to an oldie, but goodie lately. Good Kisser by Lake Street Dive has been on repeat this summer. It’s been the perfect song to put on for long drives. I highly recommend a listen if you’re taking any road trips anytime soon!

Tory: I’ve been on a huge Kygo kick lately. Between his new album and release of the I’ll Wait music video featuring Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek, Kygo can basically do no wrong this summer. Oh, but wait, just when you thought things couldn’t get better, he just released a remix of What’s Love Got To Do With It featuring Tina Turner, and it’s actually untouchable. My husband declared it the song of the summer last Friday, so it felt right to call it here (it’s not official until it’s stated on the Sh*t That I Knit blog, amirite?!). Oh, and for all you Outer Banks fans - Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline (AKA John B and Sarah Cameron) are confirmed to star in an upcoming new Kygo music video. Safe to say, I’m fangirling HARD over this news and basically anything Kygo touches.

Claudia: Recently, I have just been on a Kacey Musgraves kick. Don’t get me wrong, she is incredible for ALL seasons of the year, but something about summertime makes her music have a little extra something special. I will always love Follow Your Arrow, but Rainbow and Golden Hour are also some of my favorites. Honestly, next time you’re in the car turn on Kacey Musgraves radio on Spotify and enjoy!!!

Sarah: For me, as soon as the temperature rises above 60 degrees in the spring, it’s all country music all the time. I’m not picky so I usually just throw on country radio or pick one of Spotify’s country playlists. But, I’ve recently had Brett Edridge’s new album, Sunday Drive, on repeat. I love every single song, but I think I have to say my favorite is Magnolia. It’s a classic country song, but perfectly upbeat for a sunny summer day!

Tessa: I always love house style music but this summer I've been digging the EDM + country mixes. In the past few months, two of my favorite producers/DJs released songs with country singers and I can't get enough! Someday feat. Zac Brown by Kygo and Hold You Tonight feat. Chris Lane by Gryffin (if you really want to get pumped up, check out the Owen Norton remix of Hold You Tonight).

Meg: Rain On Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. This tune is about being hopeful for better times ahead (hellllo COVID summer) and is super catchy. Honest hour: I thought the lyrics were “I’d rather be drunk but at least I’m alive…” until I just googled them, but I still like it nonetheless ;) 

Franny: The Wave by Myles Cameron is what I’ve been playing on repeat all summer. More accurately anything by Myles Cameron. His voice is how I imagine angels sing. I’m honestly disappointed when he has features on his songs, because I don’t want to listen to anyone but Myles Cameron’s voice. His songs are a mixture of R&B/soul (according to Spotify) but definitely bump in a poppy way sometimes. Honestly, nevermind I’m not going to try to put his music in a genre - just go listen!!


The STIK Team

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