A Guide to Finding the Perfect Summer Hat

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Summer Hat

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Usually, we keep our hat talk to a minimum in the summertime. We talk about our beanies so much in the fall and winter that we like to take a pause on hats when we can. But between not being able to get our hair colored and Diane Keaton’s amazing IGTV on hats, we felt we needed to get in on the summer hat talk.

In my opinion, a perfect summer hat needs to do the following things:

  1. Protect your skin from the sun. This is a must. Anyone who knows anything knows that the damage the sun can do to your skin. And we’re not just talking about your face; your scalp can also get fried by the sun. A hat on top of sunscreen is your best bet for fresh skin well into your later years.

  1. Be the final accessory to complete any look a la Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief. You never want a hat to take away from your outfit - it should be the final touch in completing your look. Our friend Grace Kelly really knew how to make a statement with a hat without letting it overwhelm her. 

  1. Hide those roots. In these times of few trips to the salon, a hat can help cover up greys, roots, or even just a bad hair day, Also - if you are venturing to get your hair done, did you know that the sun can hurt your freshly highlighted locks? It’s true, so you know what you need to protect it? A hat.

  1. Inspire confidence similar to that of Beyonce in the Formation video. There is zero explanation needed here.

So to help you select a summer hat that works for you - I put together a list of super-chic hats that you can wear in the summer to fit all of these needs above.

The Folding Panama Hat by Cuyana is a classic straw Panama hat that is perfect for any beach adventures you have in store. It folds easily too, so when our travel schedules pick back up someday, it will be super easy to pack in a bag (rather than being that girl that wears all her brimmed hats on the plane aka me.)

The Drew Hat by Janessa Leoné is chic AF. The color goes with everything and it’s made of sustainable wool - which means it could carry you into the fall. Who doesn’t love a multi-season accessory?!

The Bunny Hat in Terracotta by Eugenia Kim offers the perfect pop of color - I mean, it is summer right?! I love the striped grosgrain ribbon next to the terracotta color - it’s classic and chic and feels like something Meghan Markle would wear.

Looking for a hat alternative? I found the Ruby Woah Ribbed Bandie from Wrap Life, and they look awesome. They are super lightweight and offer a touch of stretch, making styling easy. I can’t wait to order one of these. Wrap Life also designs headscarves that are insanely beautiful. Not sure if a headscarf is for you? We love that Wrap Life is all about celebrating Black Women, while also promoting inclusivity - check out their statement about who can wear head wraps here.

Lastly, for the past few summers, I’ve been rocking our STIK Baseball Hat everywhere I go. If you don’t have one, you absolutely need to buy one. It’s such a great fitting hat, it’s perfect for every summer activity you have planned, and they wash up REALLY nicely. 

Tell us about your favorite summer hats and headwear in the comments!



1 comment


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