Make a Statement with STIKs Summer Essentials

Make a Statement with STIKs Summer Essentials

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We absolutely love the pairing of the Pardy Wrap and STIKs summer earrings together. Whether you’re on Zoom call, heading to a backyard BBQ, or you're a bridesmaid (or a bride!), these pieces are timeless and made to last. 

In this edition featuring “STIKs Summer Essentials,” we are bringing you some combos of our summer earrings paired with STIKs very own Pardy Wrap. We wanted to bring you some fun ideas that you can wear for the rest of the summer (and in life really!). Let us know what your favorite combinations are. Of course, feel free to mix & match yourself, but we hope these options inspire your next outfit!

Ah, the Light Camel Pardy Wrap is a wonderful neutral and will really allow the Clementine Earrings in Orange to shine.

The Heathered Green Pardy Wrap is such a cozy classic. Paired with the Serena Earrings in Cinnamon gives this all look a very sophisticated vibe.

Next, up the Lavender Pardy Wrap paired with the Louisa Earrings in Light Pink is a match-made in tonal color heaven. 

Something about the way the Pardy Wrap in Navy seamlessly working with the Jane Earrings in Orange is a recipe for a summer delight.

The Pardy Wrap in Blacklist is the perfect contrast for the Serena Earrings in Pink. You certainly won't miss seeing this statement beauties!

I love the Pardy Wrap in Cream. It honestly goes with anything, but I think the white flower stud/navy combo in the Clementine Earrings in Navy makes this the perfect match!


1 comment


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