Five Things on Meg's Watchlist

Five Things on Meg's Watchlist

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I know, I know - it’s summer, which means indoor activities and screen time should be down, right? But as “nights out” have become fewer and far between, I’ve been spending more evenings snuggled up on the couch at home. My kindle has six books currently downloaded, my husband and I are slowly making our way through a book of New York Times Monday crossword puzzles (maybe next summer we’ll graduate to Tuesdays!), and I’ve already watched Hamilton twice. But my TV/documentary/movie watchlist is growing, and I’m getting ready for the next rainy weekend of pure, uninterrupted bingeing bliss. Here’s what I’m hitting “play” on next. 

All American on Netflix: This was described to me as Friday Night Lights meets Outer Banks meets The OC. And I am HERE FOR IT. This sports drama premiered a few years ago but is now available on Netflix to stream. It takes place in Los Angeles, is inspired by a true story, and has come highly recommended by our own CFO, Peter Biro, so it has to be good! 

Babysitters Club on Netflix: I’m embarrassingly excited to watch this. For anyone who grew up reading The Babysitters Club (so basically all of my 90’s gals), the Netflix remake of this classic series is bound to be a little cheesy, but extremely feel-good and nostalgic. I think this will be an easy binge that’ll leave my smiling from ear to ear. 

Breaking 2 on Disney+: I’m excited to watch this documentary about three elite runners attempting to break a 2-hour marathon. For those who are even a bit running savvy - that is un-freaken-believable. First appearing on National Geographic, Breaking2 follows the runners’ partnership with Nike Sports Research Lab and a science-backed training regime which seems both intense and impressive. 

Knives Out on Amazon Prime: This modern take on a classic murder mystery was described to me as the board game “Clue” in movie form. Some of my friends even told me they’ve already watched it multiple times, so I assume it’s good even after you know who the murderer is! 

Outcry on Showtime: Okay so there’s a bit of an athletic theme to this list, but this miniseries might be hard for some to watch. Recommended by a friend who was “hooked after the first five minutes,” this documentary follows the story of a Texas high school football star convicted of sexually assaulting a four-year-old boy. I haven’t yet watched, but from the description it appears the town rallies behind the convicted, questioning the investigation and prosecutions tactics. I know Showtime always delivers gripping, thought-provoking content and I am sure this series won’t disappoint. 

Have you watched any of these? Let us know what you think in the comments below or leave your own recommendation! Would love to hear from you! 


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