5 Reasons Your Little NEEDS a Lil Baby Blanket

With Christina having baby Campbell in April, Tory’s daughter, Kennedy, turning 2 in May, and Meg’s Baby Teggs on the way, launching a Lil Baby Blanket just felt right for us this summer. We won’t get into who we think the cutest babies in the world are (everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, right?), but we do know the Little in your life deserves the best of the best. 

Growing up, my most cherished possession was my “blanky” given to me by my grandma. I may be a little biased, but I think a super snuggly, soft, long lasting, personalized blanket is one of the best gifts you can give a child, whether it’s a special occasion or not!

Here’s why you must treat the Little in your life to the Lil Baby Blanket:

1. You can have it specially made for them! Make the Lil Baby Blanket one-of-a-kind for the one-of-a-kind kid in your life by adding their name or monogram to the blanket. You have the choice of white, navy, or light pink thread to add a sweet, thoughtful touch.

2. So soft + the perfect weight- Made from 100% pima cotton, The Lil Baby Blanket is super soft and the perfect weight to keep your small human snuggly. Tory’s daughter Kennedy calls her Baby Blanket her “sleepy blanky” and loves sleeping with it every night. It’s kid approved! And adult approved- I want one for myself!

3. It’s washer/dryer friendly. Yup! You heard that right. At STIK, we know the importance of being able to throw your child’s stuff in the washer and dryer, especially a blanket. It’s made to last so wash it as many times as you need to and it will hold up! 

4. Sized for Babies and Kids alike! While it’s called the Lil Baby Blanket because that’s just cute, the blanket is made for any kiddo. It’s the perfect size for anything from swaddling a newborn baby to throwing it over your princess-obsessed 7 year old while she watches Frozen for the millionth time. 

5. It matches our Lil Campbell Hat. Did you have your eyes on our Lil Campbell Beanie for your little friend next season? The Lil Baby Blanket + the matching Lil Campbell Beanie + your adorable child will make THE CUTEST combo in the stroller this winter. 

Does your little have a Lil Baby Blanket? Tell us why you love it in the comments!



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