5 Situations to Wear Your Bliss Headband

5 Situations to Wear Your Bliss Headband

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ICYMI, our Bliss Headband is HERE!!! Here at STIK, we are fully obsessed with how cute and cozy it is for those days when it’s just a little chilly out but not cold enough for a full on beanie. A bonus feature: it also stretches to fit your head no matter how big or small, so it really is the headband for everyone. If you’re not convinced yet, you may want to continue reading...because there are many instances where you can rock your Bliss Headband this fall. And to be honest, I don’t see myself leaving the house without it! 

1. Neighborhood dog walks. My fiancé and I just got a black lab puppy named George and I cannot wait to take him on alllll the walks around the South End in Boston. We’ve already experienced the slightly chilly early mornings when we take him out, and my Bliss Headband is so easy to throw on as we do a loop or two around the block. The headband instantly elevates my morning look of ratty sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and socks with sandals (in my defense, when the pup needs to go out at 530am, you throw on anything you can find as fast as possible!).

2. Saturday beers outside. Is there anything better than having a crisp beer (Hazy New England IPAs are my jam) outside on a nice fall day? Many breweries are open now, so grab your friends and gear up for a fun afternoon while wearing your Bliss Headband. I tend to wear the same outfit every weekend once it hits October - jeans, sneakers, thick weather, and vest - and this year our Bliss headband will really complete my look.

3. Al fresco dinner parties. Outdoor dining is here to stay, and it’s an awesome way to still see friends and family safely. The best part is that you can still wear a cute, fashionable outfit and stay warm with our Bliss Headband. In full disclosure, I immediately tried on a few date night / dinner party-worthy outfits once I got my headband - obviously needed to see how it would look when dressing up! Confirming for everyone here that it is indeed possible to look stylish with a knit band around your head. Plus, it won’t mess up your blowout (but let’s be real, I haven’t broken out my blow dryer since February). 

4. Apple / pumpkin picking. Yes, I’m a little excited about the fall activities over here. I’m a true New England gal! I usually go at least once in October or November to stock up on apples and pumpkins. Insert The Bliss Headband - practically made for an outing to the pumpkin patch! Besides looking “fall” chic with your headband and bags of goodies, there’s another reason to hit up the local farms and orchards...the fresh apple cider donuts! (the REAL reason why I go to these places).

5. Road trips. In the past few months, we’ve taken a ton of road trips (as I’m sure many of you have), and will continue to do so this fall. A day trip is the perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday - hop in the car and explore a new park, town, hike, or beach. Our knit headband is the ideal sidekick for your travels...wear it in the car (promise you won’t get too hot, especially if your travel buddy likes to keep it at a cool 69 at all times), and when it’s time to get out, stay warm as you take in the sights. 

How are you planning on wearing your Bliss Headband this fall? Let us know in the comments!


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