9 Must-haves For Fall

For me, fall is typically one of those seasons where my credit card bills go through the roof. I’m not sure what it is about this time of year, but I LOVE shopping for fall clothes and accessories. Let’s be honest with each other, you really can never have too many cozy sweaters in neutral hues. This year - my list definitely looks a little different. I’m not leaving the house much and have been living in Maine, so I’m really embracing the rustic comfy vibes that WFH brings. Check out what’s on my list!

Mask chains are V in right now. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would fit my vibe, but I actually think it does! I love this option by Second Wind. It’s an organic linen mask and the chain detaches - so chic.

Christina has been rocking her Alice Walk bandana a lot lately and I’ve gotten really jealous. I know some people wear these as a mask, but I actually love it as an actual scarf/bandana. Alice Walk makes the best prints, and this pack of three gives you lots of options.

Ok. This is a public service announcement. If you do not own one of these shirts, you are missing out on the best thing to ever happen to your wardrobe. I’m not kidding, it’s the best button-down shirt I’ve ever owned. I have the Blue and White Striped and the White. They are a bit oversized, which makes them extra comfy, but they hold their structure well. I mean, if it’s good enough for Oprah it’s good enough for me.

My mom just introduced me to LAKE, and ever since, I’ve been drooling over their PJ sets. They are actually the softest PJs I’ve ever touched. We just ordered a pair for my daughter Kennedy too. Can you say Mommy and Me?!

Love La Ligne. Love this Tee. Love this message. I’m on the waitlist for this when it comes back in stock because I need to wear this every day between now and November 3rd.

I’ve been seeing these EVERYWHERE. I think I’m the only person on the east coast who isn’t wearing one of these curb chains. I tend to go for a light chain when it comes to necklaces, but I actually really love how this Mejuri Curb Chain layers.

I’m really trying to own Mainer status while I can, so def will be ordering these babies in a few weeks. I’ve been living in my Birkenstocks all summer, so I need something to take me into the fall.

If this jacket doesn’t scream fall in Maine to you, I don’t know what will. The color is to do for, and the fit is right up my alley. Praying this magically lands in my closet someday soon.

Duh. Our headband is LEGIT. There’s lots to love about it, but my #1 favorite thing is that I can wear my hair up with it. I love my beanies, but I do sometimes look like a little boy when my hair is up in a bun and I have to wear a winter hat. So this is the perfect solution!



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