5 Fall Looks with The Bliss Headband

5 Fall Looks with The Bliss Headband

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It's here!! The day we have all been waiting for (and our ears!). STIKs one size fits all, knit headband, The Bliss Headband is now available to purchase. We wanted to give you some ideas (while you wait for your new product to arrive) with places you might be wearing it to in the near future. It's only getting chillier out, so The Bliss Headband is the perfect accessory to rock this fall. 


The mornings are much chillier now than they were just a week ago, which is The Bliss Headband is the great accessory for that. It won't itch if you get a little sweaty and will stay right in place. For visibility on your jog, I love these bright sneakers from On Running with this very similar citron color Half Zip Windbreaker and high-waisted leggings from Girlfriend for added warmth and comfort. 

Just because it's getting colder out doesn't mean we stop taking our pups out for evening strolls. As the temps cool down, these joggers from Outdoor Voices are perfect to throw on. Add some classic Vans and this ultra light puff jacket from Uniqlo. Why not match your jacket with The Bliss Headband in Sky for a little extra color!

 I have a feeling restaurants will continue to stay open this fall with more outdoor dining and heaters. We will definitely want to keep our heads warm while we eat, so the The Bliss Headband in Blacklist is fabulous for keeping you cute and comfortable. Plus, I love this coat from Aritzia’s, with these wide-leg Free People Pants, and Vegan Ranch Boots

Nothing says fall like a backyard fire pit with your family, s'mores, and maybe a fall pumpkin beer. While you're at the comfort of your own home these Ugg slippers are perfect to go both indoor and outdoor with. Throw on your comfiest jeans, like these from Levi’s, and this Aliya Wanek fleece. Don't forget your Bliss Headband in Navy!

For the best views of foliage, a hike is the perfect activity for that. These Danner hiking boots are great for your footing -- and very cute! These Patagonia Leggings are sure to keep your warmth locked in with the Stio Sweetwater Fleece Jacket. I love a little matching outfit so pair the jacket with The Bliss Headband in Blush!


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