6 Fun Outdoor Workouts You Can Do Across New England

I know gyms are starting to open up around the country, but at this point, I am not ready to go back to an indoor workout. Plus, since it’s the absolute height of summer, working out outside sounds much more enjoyable than being in an air-conditioned gym anyways. So for our dear New Englanders, we have done a little research for you. In each of the six New England states, we have found very fun, innovative, and (most importantly) socially distanced studios you can workout at. Don’t worry, if you don’t live in any of these states or cities, we’ll be doing more of these state wide round-ups ahead. P.S. Most of the places below also offers virtual classes. 

Let’s start in Maine. Female-founded Rêve Cycling Studio is an awesome spin studio based in Portland, Maine. The studio is run by a badass group of women. Due to Covid-19 they have done some epic out of the box thinking and have brought their spin bikes down to the ocean in Thompson’s Point, Maine. I.e. Think -- beautiful ocean view, and a lovely summer breeze (talk about ideal!). Plus, Portland isn’t far from Boston so treat yourself to an upcoming weekend and get your spin on. If spinning isn’t your thing, they also have yoga and sculpt classes also offered outside. Don’t worry though -- if you can’t get there, Rêve offers virtual classes, too. 

You definitely don’t need convincing to do this workout. This looks like more of an idea of fun rather than a “workout.” Granted, I know Paddle Boarding is A LOT of effort, skill, and technique, but if you can disguise fun with a workout then it’s a win-win. Due to Covid-19, they are offering private lessons and private group lessons. This seems like an awesome way to end the workday -- especially on a really hot day. 

The Boston based studio and female-founded company, Trillfit is offering both outdoor and indoor classes. The outdoor classes take place across Boston in local parks. You can do anything from cardio dance to sculpt -- which sounds like an awesome weekend activity on a beautiful summer day! 

If you are more into HIIT classes, then this Bootcamp is definitely up your alley.  Elevate Fitness in Middleton, Rhode Island, offers Summer Studio Bootcamps. They also offer a variety of other classes like stand-up paddleboarding, but the Bootcamp one sounds like a really great sweat. They offer early morning classes and sunset classes with plenty of space for social distancing. This seems like a perfect way to start (or end) the day!

If you’re the Greenwich, Connecticut area then Core Pilates is the destination for you. They are offering both outdoor classes and online virtual classes. They have a couple of other studio locations in CT and NY in case you aren’t in the vicinity. This sounds like a great way to get outside and moving!

Two words. Goat. Yoga. I have never done goat yoga, but I am absolutely dying to do it. Water and Rock Studio in Burlington, Vermont offers it. Did you know that playing with animals helps boost hormones?! According to their site, it does. If you love animals, love yoga, and love a good laugh, I would definitely recommend trying this. 


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