Spotlight Series: Michelle Dalzon, Founder of The Black-Owned Market

Michelle Dalzon, founder of The Black-Owned Market (theBOM), is a monthly subscription box featuring Black-owned businesses. The boxes allow you to invest directly into Black businesses, with each one featuring amazing goods. Each box contains skin and body products, apparel, food, and home goods -- all owned by Black businesses. Each product represents a different brand. It doesn’t stop there -- you don’t only get the box with your subscription, you also get access to virtual meet-ups featuring the founders from each box that month. You get the chance to meet them and ask them about their stories. 

Dalzon, started the company in 2016 as a pop-up in New York City. It began as a shopping destination featuring Black-owned brands for customers to interact with. After the success of the pop-up, Dalzon realized the need for theBOM and thus it was born into something so much bigger. As for Dalzon’s current favorites products. The “skincare routine from theBOM is my favorite. I'm currently using the Jacq's healing cleanser, Pholk honeysuckle rose mist, and the Alchemy body shop moisturizing balm.” I don’t know about you, but I think I need some rose mist ASAP. That sounds truly refreshing! 

Every month there is a fun surprise in each box. Treat yourself to a monthly gift of self-care and support some incredible Black-owned businesses. 


The STIK Team

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