A Not So Definitive List of Some Really Great Podcasts - Part 2

You didn't think I'd leave you all hanging did you?! Here is part two of my podcast recs. If you haven't read part one yet, I'd recommend you jump back to my post from a few weeks ago to get the full story. For those of you tuning in for part two, welcome back! Thank you for your patience! Just to recap, I am a self defined podcast fanatic—I can't get enough of them and I feel even better when I get to share them with other people. So without further ado, here is part 2 of my long list of favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Brilliant Short Series 

Sometimes it's nice to make a commitment to something. If you're needing some of that, this is a super easy way to start. 

More Perfect — If you like RadioLab, this one’s for you. Brought to you by the same folks that make RadioLab, comes examination of our supreme court and the history of important (but sometimes forgotten) cases of the past. Must listen episode: One Nation, Under Money

Against the Rules — Writer Michael Lewis takes a look at fairness, analyzing the different consequences of a world that loves to hate the referee.

Believed — This is the horrifying story of Larry Nassar, an Olympic gymnastics doctor, and how he got away with abusing young girls for two decades. It’s a story about the survivors, and how it took so long for the adults in their lives to believe them. Listen from start to finish.

The Habitat — Six adult volunteers live in an imitation Mars habitat for a year to help NASA understand what life might be like for those who choose to do the mission for real. This is the closest podcasting has ever gotten to reality TV. Its hilarious and super binge-able. Listen from start to finish.

Crime Town — An investigation into a time when crime ruled Providence, Rhode Island. If you like gangster-true crime-dramas this is the podcast for you. Each episode focuses on a new character —a cop, a mob boss, a mayor— and shows how everyone in this small town is connected. Listen from start to finish.

 Great for: Those who love themselves a good episode of Law and Order.


Feeds empty? Don’t fret! You can always count on these two for content when you’ve run out. 

The Daily — This one helps me start my day! It's a 30 minute deep dive into one news story brought to you by the New York Times every day during the week. If you feel like you never have time to stay informed, this one is for you! 

Fresh Air — Terry Gross has been around the block. She’s an expert interviewer and has a wide variety of awesome guests. 

Great for: Commutes, showers, routines. 
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Business and $$

Money can be confusing, these make it all easier to understand. 

Planet Money — Quick and interesting, this is the perfect podcast for those who want to know about the weird quirks of the economy, but sometimes have trouble understanding the numbers. Must listen episode: The Problem of the Root

How I Built This — (This is Christina’s all time fav podcast) These are a fun look at companies that you know, but may not know the story behind the brand. If you’re an entrepreneur or maybe trying to become one, this podcast goes through the ups and downs of building a business. Must listen episode: Spanx, Sara Blakely 

StartUp — While How I Built This shares the ups and downs of many companies, StartUp gives you an intimate view of the realities of starting a business. Hosted by the creator of Gimlet Media (the podcast network that helped create many of the podcasts on this list) you’ll hear everything, from finding a business partner to perfecting the elevator pitch. Listen from start to finish.

Great For: Helping you quit that job and start that god damn (fill in the blank) already! or not...


Sometimes real life is just too much. Escape reality! These podcasts give you the satisfaction of diving into the best book ever, without having to lift a finger. (It’s like a movie… for your ears!)

Homecoming — Funny enough, this one was turned into a show! But if you haven’t watched the show yet, this is definitely a treat. Mysterious and at times disorienting, Homecoming is a physiological thriller composed through a sort of audio collage. Listen from start to finish.

The Truth — Short stories, which can honestly be a hit or miss. They’re sometimes funny, sometimes thrilling, and great for when you need a quick escape. Must listen episode: Miracle on the L Train 

The Horror of Dolores Roach — A strange and funny thriller, this is the Sweeny Todd of podcasts. Listen from start to finish.

Great For: Anyone who can’t find the time to read, but misses curling up with a good book. 

Whew. That was a lot! Hope I helped find something you like! 

Thea da Intern

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