Amazing Amazon Fashion Finds

I have recently heard from so many people about how amazing Amazons brands are. In the times of working from home, I have been wanting to incorporate much more comfortable and soft clothing into my wardrobe. I am fully on the Amazon fashion train as it won’t break the bank, and the clothes are really fab and cozy. Take a look at some my finds below! 

1. This may seem very basic, but socks are very important to me. I love putting on a fresh pair of socks to start the day. Somehow I always lose them in the washer and dryer, so I truly feel like I can’t have enough of them. I love these black socks because 1) you never have to worry about them not matching when do lose a pair and 2) this pack comes with 10 pairs!

2. Another essential favorite of mine are leggings, but not just any kind… the really soft kind. These high-waisted leggings feel like butter, come in many colors, and are $22! I feel like I will live in these this winter. 

3. Another recent favorite clothing piece of mine is joggers. You can wear them to work out in, go to the grocery store in, and even sleep in them. I love these ones for the high-waisted fit, looseness in the leg, but tight at the ankle. I am especially into these camo ones

4. I love a basic t-shirt that you can live in all day. These long sleeve t-shirts are perfect for just that! I am a huge fan of stripes, but this collection also has solids, checks, tie-dye, and more! Plus they’re under $20. 

5. Lastly, this amazing long puffy jacket comes in a ton of colors, is water-resistant, and is packable! This pink one is under $50 and such a pretty color. It’s perfect for the weather right about now when it’s just starting to get chilly. Plus it would look super cute with a STIK beanie.

What are some of your favorite Amazon finds?




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  • Veronica

    love these looks! I just bought items similar to these outfits from

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