October Monthly Faves

October Monthly Faves

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Today we had our first snow in Boston so it's only fitting we all broke out our STIK beanies for the first time this year! Wearing my beanie is my absolute favorite part of a snowy cold day. I also think this officially means it's beanie season as we head into November. October has come and gone, which means we  have another monthly roundup below!

Kismet - This month I am in LOVE with my new puppy named Cadbury! he wouldn’t be my dog if I didn’t make sure he was stylin’... we are obsessed with his matching Harry Barker Gingham Leash & Collar. This set is picnic chic and made sustainably! Each leash is made from 20 recycled plastic bottles and each collar from 10. They’re such high quality and even this energetic puppy can’t chew through them. Dapper and environmentally friendly? Sign me up.

Claudia: I feel like I have been in a slump with what to watch for the last few weeks, but HBO has now saved the day! HBO’s new show, The Undoing, stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. It’s a murder mystery type of vibe so far and it takes place in the Upper East Side of NYC. There has only been one episode but I am completely hooked after the pilot. It’s form the creator of two of my favorite shows, Big Little Lies and The Night Manager. I am eagerly waiting for episode 2, but I can only imagine it’s going to get even better. 

Sarah: My absolute favorite discovery this month has been Armchair Expert, a podcast hosted by Dax Shepard. I can promise that once you listen to one episode, you’ll be hooked on the way Dax explores people’s stories and allows them to be so open and honest. Even when sometimes speaking about serious topics, the podcast is high energy and always engaging. Dax and his best friend Monica interview a mix of celebrities and actual experts on particular topics. My favorites recently have been with Tom Brady (obviously), Matthew McConaughey (I mean, that voice), and Aly Raisman (I just love her). It’s seriously entertaining and informative and I would highly recommend it.

Peter:  Almost 3 weeks ago we got our Peloton Bike delivered.  The decision to buy one was a very drawn out and well discussed topic, but we eventually decided that given the times, it would be a good choice.  I won’t say that spinning is my favorite thing, but I am totally happy with our decision and love the many options that are available for workouts - spin, strength, stretch, yoga, barre, HIIT, you name it.  I am usually an early morning workout person, but I am also starting to enjoy the fact that I can just hop on the bike for a 15 or 20 minute class so easily.  So yes, a big decision, but happy that we made it.  You can find me on there at sonopietro.

Tessa: If you need any more reasons to love the Peloton bike + app…here you go! I’ve been into everything Olivia Amato (aka “the tomato” in my household) for the past few months. You will be breathing and sweating VERY hard no matter what class of hers you take. I pretty much exclusively work out with her, though I did make an exception last week to take Robin’s new Hamilton ride. But I’m actually not here to talk about Olivia’s spin classes - my fav this month is her 10 minute core strength workouts. These things are killer but go by so quickly so it’s done before you know it! I’ve been adding them on after a ride or run, and it feels good to get in some core exercises to supplement the cardio. All about that ab burn!! 

Tory: This month, we started a subscription with Thrive Market, and I am OBSESSED. Thrive is a membership-based, online market that sources high-quality, organic products and delivers them straight to your door. We placed our first order last week and the process was SO easy - my husband and I went through and picked out a variety of products to try, added everything to our cart, and within days the order was delivered. We’ve already found some products that we can’t live without, like this amazing Buffalo Ranch Dressing and some delicious Strawberry Banana Chia Seed pouches that me and my two year old are loving. The best part is that the prices are ACTUALLY lower than you might find at Whole Foods or a specialty store. It’s literally the best and I can’t wait to place more orders (sorry, Andy!!!)

Christina: I have two monthly faves this month, and shocker: they both revolve around Campbell! First up is her new Qai Qai doll. My friend Erika gifted it to her and she LOVES her. To be fair, I think she might be teething on Qai Qai’s feet but they were definitely fast friends. Qai Qai is modeled after Serena William’s daughter’s doll and has a whole online persona. I’m now another one of her 152k followers :)

My other fave is our Osprey Poco Plus backpack. We splurged for this as we temporarily relocated to New Hampshire and knew we’d be hiking regularly. This backpack is so comfortable to wear and you can pack a LOT in it, including a baby! While it definitely wasn’t cheap (we shopped local and bought it at Lahouts in Littleton), I find myself much more willing to go on a “long” hike with Campbell knowing she and I will both be comfortable. 


The STIK Team

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