Early Gift Ideas from Nordstrom for Anyone in Your Life

Early Gift Ideas from Nordstrom for Anyone in Your Life

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So, it’s officially November! Which means the holiday season is rapidly approaching. I am definitely one of these people that likes to start early with my holiday shopping. Lucky for me Nordstrom already has its gift guide section going, which is sparking some ideas for what to get my friends and family! Plus they offer gift wrapping and curbside pickup making it really easy and safe to get what you want. Take a look below and see what some of my early and easy gifts ideas are from Nordstrom!

1. I am definitely going to be giving the gift of coziness to multiple people in family this year and one of those items will definitely be a pair of pajamas. This set calls to its own material “feather-soft,” which sounds like they'll be the perfect winter-time PJ. Plus they don't have the total "pajama" look to it, so I feel like you could away with wearing them all day, too. Just an idea :)

2. This might be the cutest speaker I’ve ever seen. It’s also an amazing deal -- you get two mini speakers for $49. This means two gifts for two different people! I love the different colors they come in, but this black is super sleek. A portable, mini, Bluetooth speaker is definitely something people will be v happy to unwrap --  especially in these social-distancing outdoor-gathering times when you might need a little holiday music!

3. The Motley Beanie from Sh*t That I Knit is definitely going to someone in my family this year. It’s one of our most popular beanies and usually fits everyone perfectly. Plus all of my family lives in the northeast, so gifting knitwear is always welcomed -- especially when it's handknit with merino wool knitwear! 

4. Okay this is a perfect gift for truly anyone! A self-watering house plant. It’s an awesome gift for under $20 and can brighten up anyone’s space. Plus, it’s a great little activity for a rainy day to put it together. This is also something I seriously am considering purchasing for myself as I am a notorious “over-waterer” when it comes to plants...

5. Another gift that is easy and affordable are face masks. Nordstrom makes its own branded masks that look so comfortable. They come in a really nice assortment of "heathered" colors where can you get 4 for $25. They are made with a jersey material and adjustable ear straps. Plus it comes with a little pouch to keep your masks in!

6. Nest makes the most beautiful candles. They’re a bit of a more luxe candle brand, but they make a really nice holiday gift. I personally love the smell of pine, so this candle is the ideal scent for all pine lovers. I also love its holder because it adds a really nice touch of shine to holiday decor.

7. Lastly, another gift you can’t go wrong with is giving a blanket. This one by L.L. Bean looks like the coziest thing to cuddle up to a fire with. It has two different kinds of fleece, making it double the warmth. I love this gray color because it’s just subtle enough to match any living room or bedroom. 

What are some of your early gift ideas? Let us know in the comments!



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