Beneath the Beanie: Ashleigh Stone

Next up in our Beneath the Beanie series is Ashleigh Stone, founder of the summer “it bag” - Poolside. Their customizable straw totes, initially embroidered with irreverent pop-culture references, went viral on Instagram in 2016 and the brand has since become a celebrity favorite. We love how each bag can be personalized to become a bespoke piece. They even launched a DIY Tote Bag Embroidery Kit for those feeling crafty! 

Similar to STIK, Poolside is committed to sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing. They employ more than 150 skilled artisans in Morocco and India to hand-weave and embroider their products. Each bag is a piece of art - taking two days to make by hand - and is intended to be a classic wardrobe staple for years to come. While Poolside was Ashleigh’s first baby - she recently had her first daughter, Harper and is now juggling the world of mom and entrepreneur. Enjoy our Beneath the Beanie interview with Ashleigh!

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