How Do STIK Products Get Named?

How Do STIK Products Get Named?


Ever wonder where the heck the names of our products come from? Almost every single one of our products is named after someone in Christina’s family or ancestry. Whenever we introduce a new product, Christina goes through her family tree and picks out a name that is special and fitting for the product. It’s one of my favorite STIK traditions to witness because each time we ask Christina to name a new product, she comes back with a name that fits perfectly. We never question it one bit. Especially given that our products are handmade by women in Lima, Peru, I love that the name has history and I even think it gives the product a little persona.

Some of the products’ names are names from distant ancestral ties and others are her immediate family. I definitely can’t speak to Christina’s ancestral roots or where her magic naming powers come from- that may be a whole separate blog series. But, I can fill you in on a couple of the fun, familial connections of some of our products’ names.

While it’s obviously an honor, there’s a little bit of pressure that comes with being in Christina’s family and having a STIK product named after you. To be honest, there are a couple products named after some of Christina’s favorite people that have since been phased out or traded for a better iteration with a different name. If you were paying attention to The Last Chance Sale we had recently, you may have gotten your hands on these puppies.

First up in the STIK archives we have The Ella Beanie. The Ella Beanie was a slouchy beanie with a yarn pom pom that did not detach. We parted ways with the Ella Beanie in 2018, trading it in for The Campbell Beanie, which has a more popular fit and a detachable pom. Plus, it matches the Lil Campbell Beanie. The Ella Beanie is named after Christina’s niece, Ella.

Next, we have our Bliss products. Christina keeps coming back to Bliss because it’s her Mom’s maiden name so it’s extra special to her. First, we had the Bliss Band- a simple headband that only the first STIK followers will remember. Then, there were the Bliss Balaklavas- a fun head and neck covering for kids with a pom pom mohawk. 

Then there is The Jamie Beanie, our first offering catering to men. The Jamie Beanie was named after Christina’s dad, Jamie. The best part about The Jamie Beanie being named after Jamie is that he actually preferred to wear The Motley Beanie in Ocean (without a pom), traditionally one of our women’s winter hats, instead. It was customer feedback like his that led us to The Linus Beanie - more on that later.

And finally, the last in our archives, The Ainslie Tote. Introduced in Summer 2019, The Ainslie Tote was a beautiful, hand-crocheted, summer bag made for everyday use. These totes were made extra special with an original Jill Rosenwald teardrop pattern on the inside. A classic piece, The Ainslie Tote was named after Christina’s older sister, Ainslie.

Moving away from our archives, some of our current product offerings are named after Christina’s family members as well.

First, The Serena Earrings, which come in Cinnamon and Pink and are totally the fun, party girls of our Summer Earring Collection. They’re the perfect summer statement piece. The Serena Earrings are named after Christina’s younger sister, Serena.

The new and improved beanie made with men in mind, The Linus Beanie, was named after Christina’s family’s dog for many years, Linus. He was the cutest, most gentle pup and especially beloved in Beacon Hill and on STIK’s Instagram. The Linus Beanie was introduced in the Fall of 2019, shortly after Linus passed away.

And finally, The Pardy Wrap, perhaps, has the most meaningful name of them all. The idea for the super-soft, 100% alpaca wrap came from when Christina asked our team in Peru to create a special wrap for her bridesmaids. She ended up loving them so much that she decided to order a limited run in 3 colors to sell at STIK. The Pardy Wrap is named after her new last name and, obviously, her husband Alex’s last name. The name Pardy couldn’t be more perfect for a wrap that’s made for wedding parties, cocktail parties, dinner parties, cozy parties, all types of parties! Fun fact: Christina literally photographed and launched these while on her honeymoon. About 6 months later, STIK launched the Pardy Wrap’s sister, The Pardy Poncho, which is a similar material to the wrap and has the same fun pom poms, but is in poncho form.

That’s all I got for the tea on STIK’s products’ names for now. I hope you enjoyed a little ~behind the scenes~ look at the names of our products. Bottom line is that we think our products are pretty special and deserve meaningful names.




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