February Monthly Favorites

Just like that, another month is over! February was a busy month for Sh*t That I Knit, as we had two awesome launches. In the beginning of the month, we launched the the Rainbow Beanie, and later launched the Après and Boston Beanies. Despite the craziness, we still had time to discuss some of our favorite things - from skin care to loungewear, and everything in between. 

Tory:  If you’ve ever been pregnant before, you know that body oil is a MUST for avoiding stretch-marks, itchy/dry skin etc. Well, in January, I got myself into a major pickle because my body oil was running low (read: I was sticking my finger into the top of the container to try to get as much out as I could,) and the oil I was using was OUT OF STOCK online - the horror. I immediately went to my skincare guru, Christina, who pointed me to this OSEA Body Oil. My life will never be the same - I will use this product forever, pregnant or not. I’ve already sent it to one of my best friends who’s pregnant with her first baby and told her she didn’t need to get anything else during her pregnancy except this product...maybe a slight overstatement, but it’s THAT good.

Christina:  I was recently back in Beacon Hill for a few appointments (okay, getting my hair done!) and I obvi swung by to see my friends at Crush. Always good to check in and see what’s new, right? I was very excited to see a full rack of very colorful leggings and sports bras front and center. Some of you may know I’m a quarantine Melissa Wood Health addict and I’ve been “needing” a few fresh workout looks. I am so excited I decided to try out this new set by BoldBody Active. Not only is BoldBody founded by a local female entrepreneur, but the leggings are SO comfortable and cute. Just the other day my husband said, you’re really liking those leggings, huh?! (Fair question as I wore them for like 3 days in a row…)! Not to mention - I also love the top!! It’s full coverage and super comfy. I highly recommend giving them a shot - I got this snakeskin pattern and LOVE them!! 

Tessa:  I am lovinggggg my loungewear from MATE the Label. I have the cotton thermal crop & wide leg set in Bone and am obsessed with how comfy and flattering it is. Since it’s still frigid in Boston, I won’t be going outside in this quite yet - but I’m already thinking about the days when I can throw this on for a dog walk or running errands. Loungewear that you can also wear outside of the house is essential!!! All of MATE’s products are sustainable, made with non-toxic, natural, and organic materials, AND they are female-founded. They also just launched activewear, and I’m dying to try it out!

Sarah:  My favorite thing this month has been my Ice Roller Face Massager from Amazon. If you don’t have one of these things, I highly recommend ordering one ASAP. I was influenced by one of my favorite influencers (@hayderz) to get one and now I use it almost every night and sometimes in the morning. I have a huge issue with my face getting super puffy from eating too much salty food, being dehydrated (read: hungover), or not getting enough sleep. This roller that you keep in the freezer has done wonders to reduce the puff. Plus, it’s a very calming, relaxing activity. 

Meg:  Like most of America, I love my Peloton. Being a new mom (and working, living and parenting from home), it's an amazing mental boost to be able to squeeze in a quick 20 minute ride during nap time or lunch. But my most recent girl crush/instructor obsession is Tunde Oyeneyin. Her classes are hard (try her bike bootcamps, you wont be disappointed), her music is unbelievable, and her motivation is incredible. She constantly leaves me feeling inspired to work harder and be a better person. I just listened to her as a guest on Kaitlyn Bristowe's "Off the Vine" podcast, where she gave inside scoop about her Peloton audition, opened up about her weight loss journey, and talked about her obligation to host Speak Up rides following George Floyd's murder. It was such a powerful listen - highly recommend tuning in and taking one of her rides if you haven't already! 

Claudia:  My monthly fave might have to be my HeyDewy personal facial humidifier. As someone who suffers from severe dry skin in the winter this has been a real game changer. It’s the perfect size to fit on your night stand or desk and just get a little refresh throughout the day. It also is great for traveling in car rides since it’s a compact size. I highly recommend this one! 

Steph:  Since the pandemic started, I have become obsessed with plants. Between my 3 roommates and myself, we have well over 50 plants in our small apartment. I have always loved the look and feel of having real plants everywhere, but have never been great at keeping them alive. I discovered the app Planta, and it has honestly been a lifesaver. You can enter your plants into the app, sort by rooms, name the plants, add photos, and so much more (all with the free version!!). When you turn on notifications, Planta reminds you when to water your plants and gives basic care instructions. Planta makes me feel like I have a green thumb (when in reality I'm just following directions from an app).
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