How to Knit Like a Champ!

How to Knit Like a Champ!


Hello everyone, my name is Shams and I am the newest co-op on the STIK team. Being an avid knitter (aka knitting addict), you could imagine how much I enjoy being a member of Sh*t That I Knit. While knitting is not an Olympic sport, we absolutely loved seeing Tom Daley knitting at the Games. Since he inspired many people to start their own knitting journeys, I’m here to help you knit and purl in no time!! 


  • Knitting needles 
  • Tapestry needle
  • Yarn


Getting started:

One of the easiest ways to start your knitting journey is by making a scarf! Begin by casting on your desired width. Christina has some tips about how to cast on here. Follow that by alternating your knits and purls and cast off when you reach your desired length. You could take this even further by knitting a bunch of scarves and attaching them together to make a cute blanket. 

A scarf is the baseline for many other projects you can do. The main point is to get yourself acquainted with the knit and purl stitches so you can go on to become a knitting master. 

Once you have mastered the two basic stitches, you could go on to create more advanced projects. Here are a few patterns you could purchase by our favorite knitters on instagram. 


The Knit Edit specializes in making cute clothes using her own knitting technique that uses different yarn to create a stunning gradient effect.





A London-based knitter who specializes in knitwear of all kinds. Her most iconic pattern has got to be “Vicky’s Vest”- a chunky vest you could easily make using the knit and purl stitches!


Home to the cutest knitting patterns. While they offer a wide range of different projects, the most notable has got to be Deima’s Balaclava


If you are looking for an easy kit to practice your knitting, then our Knit Kit is what you need! It has all the materials: knitting needles, yarn, and a tapestry needle. Plus some really easy to follow instructions to make your own knitted


Whether you are on the bus, or waiting for your turn in the Olympics, you can trust your knitting needles to cast the edge off (get it?) Happy knitting!


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