How to really do a shampoo cleanse

How to really do a shampoo cleanse

When I sat down to write this blog about doing a shampoo detox during the quarantine, I realized that I have really no authority on this subject, besides the fact that I often go 5ish days without washing my hair. It’s usually on the 4th or 5th day that I get the most compliments on just how great my hair looks. I am a big believer in training your hair to “wash itself” rather than strip it of its natural oils by washing it once a day. This OBVIOUSLY is different if you are exercising to the point of being really truly sweaty, but I still think blow drying your sweat is totally socially acceptable…

Thing is, most of the time, we cannot test out these methods because we have social lives and office jobs. Coming into the office with seriously greasy hair is a no-no. But HEY! Silver lining to the Quarantine: It’s really hard to distinguish grease from weird lighting on Zoom Video chat. 

The easiest way to stop washing your hair everyday is to, well, stop washing your hair everyday. It’s kind of straightforward. But if you’re one of those people who have tried, but failed, here are a few tips to help you go a little longer between washes your hair. I challenge you to a 5 day cleanse!

1. Goop G.TOX HIMALAYAN SALT SCALP SCRUB SHAMPOO ($42): Not trying to just list off a bunch of products, but I’d order this tonight. I use it once a week and it really helps get any product out of your hair. I think you’d be starting out the cleanse on the right foot if you used this on the last day of washing your hair. 

2. I texted my friend and trusted colorist, Rob Martelli, for some expert advice. First, he said that he was “in the business of selling products” and wouldn’t give me any tips because he’s sassy like that. Then, after I persisted enough, he said: “Baking soda and mircella water pulls out impurities. Then mix egg whites and coconut oil for a natural intensive hydrating mask for 30 mins.” He is the GOD of blondes and I trust him more than I trust most people - so I’d definitely give this method a go! 

3. Avoid classes like SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp for a few days… oh wait! That should be easy! Instead, opt for some workouts like virtual yoga, barre, long walks 6 feet away from people etc. Give yourself the excuse to not get totally sweaty to preserve your hair for another day. 

4. Another expert in the non-hair-washing-game: The CMO. My mom can literally go WEEKS without washing her hair. She says that when you do wash your hair, don’t blow it dry, let it dry the old fashioned way! 

5. Get a Shhhowercap - some of us don’t have the luxury of huge showers where it’s easy to avoid the water. I love these showercaps, they are really cute and they work! A great little gift to yourself during this dark time. 

6. Shower beer anyone?! During the quarantine, yes you could prob get away with having a shower beer at a weird time of day. But I mean actually dumping a flat beer on your head. My sister does this from time to time to get the product out. It also helps with hard/mineral water. I’d read this article if you’re up for it! 

I think the main tip is just to commit to it! Trust me, when you wash your hair on that 6th day… your hair is going to be GLORIOUS. Like seriously so nice. And I think this is a great time to try sh*t like this - when else do we have 2 weeks of indoor alone time? 


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