Ways to Give Back to Your Community (and Yourself) Right Now

Ways to Give Back to Your Community (and Yourself) Right Now

As most of the country (and the world) is self-quarantining, we are all looking for ways to stay busy. While finding new hobbies or binge-watching shows is helping most of us get through these difficult and scary times, there are hundreds of thousands of people who don’t have the luxury of working from home or just hanging on the couch. Here at STIK we wanted to highlight a few ways you can help your local community in giving back right now. Whether it’s helping local businesses or helping your friends get through this quarantine - check out the list below and find ways you can give back to the community now. 

1. Rally for Restaurants. This organization is a grassroots movement that supports the restaurant industry. In a ton of major cities, Boston included, bars and restaurants are shut down for the next several weeks causing them to lose tremendous amounts of revenue. It’s easy to help -  buy a gift card to one of your favorite restaurants online. This can help front the money to them now and then you can enjoy the experience down the road. Once you buy your gift card online, post it on social media with #RallyforRestaurants. Challenge your friends to get involved, too!

2. Call a loved one. The simple joy of calling a loved one who is in isolation can brighten their day. Make sure you’re checking in with friends, family, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles even to just say “hello.” This is an anxiety inducing time, especially if you live alone. Another suggestion: you could write a letter to a friend - which is both a calming activity for you and will bring a smile to the recipient. Or, write a letter to your neighbors letting them know you’re here for them during this and are thinking of them. Do your best to try and check in when you can. 

3. Shop online. We can’t shop in person but we can still help support local boutiques or larger retailers. Brands such as Hill House Home, Lele Sadoughi and Aritzia are all donating to charities with any purchase you make on their site. By making online purchases this helps both the brand and a charity in doing so. Check out your favorite brands homepage or Instagram to see how they’re helping their communities during this crisis. 

4. Educate yourself and others. Linkedin is offering 16 online courses for free. Many of the courses include how to stay productive and how to work together and build relationships when you’re not face to face. They’re also teaching how to balance family and work - something everyone might be facing if they’re working from home. Virtually join one of these courses with your friends and family or if they can’t make it to the class then tell them what you learned! Keep the productive and positive conversations going. 

5. Clear your head.The app “Headspace” is providing free guided exercises for how to cope with anxiety and sleeping troubles. If you or a loved one is feeling stressed or isolated refer them to this amazing app. Focusing on yourself and breath work can do wonders on finding a moment of peace. How can you help? Post screenshots of the app on social media and spread the awareness of what the app is doing. A lot of people really need this right now. 

We hope you are able to find ways to give back to your community and most importantly we hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy.


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