How To Style The Scotia Sweater This Summer

The Scotia Sweater is the perfect summer staple because it is so versatile and truly goes with everything. The colors - Navy, Camel & White - are neutral enough for any outfit, but the furthest thing from boring. The neckline, fit, and length make the sweater versatile enough to be dressed up for a night out, or down for a day of errands. Here are some of our favorite ways to style the Scotia Sweater... 

Casual & Cool

The perfect uniform for lunch, errands, or wherever the summer days take you. 

Sporty & Chic

Whether running to a tennis class or grabbing a matcha, this outfit is the perfect elevated athleisure fit. 

Effortless & Beachy

There's nothing like a light sweater, a wide leg pant & a pair of sunnies for a stroll on the beach, especially this combination. 


Classic & Girly

The Scotia Sweater with a printed dress, bold earrings, and fun heels is the perfect elegant, yet flirty summer look. 


If you recreate any of these outfits or post wearing the Scotia Sweater, be sure to tag us on Instagram, @shitthatiknit. Happy styling!



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