How to Upgrade Your Study or WFH Space

How to Upgrade Your Study or WFH Space

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After sitting at the same desk for days, weeks, and months, sometimes it can get a little old. No matter if you’re at home or in the office, giving your desk space a little re-fresh is always a nice idea. Having a clean, fresh, place to start your day is just the pick-me-up you need. Check out below some ways to add revamp your WFH situation.

1. Add some light: Sometimes you don’t know how much you need a desk lamp until it's 4pm and the sun has set. I have a pretty harsh ceiling light and having a desk lamp with a softer bulb makes it much easier to work and causes me fewer headaches. This was a more recent purchase in my WFH stage and I can’t believe I didn’t have one sooner.

2. Add a scent: I love candles and diffusers and nothing is better than having your workspace smelling nice. I love lavenders or eucalyptus scents for a total relaxing vibe. Plus diffusers can last hours, which is great for that 8 hour workday. 

3. Plan ahead: I recently got this desk calendar by Meredith Hansen to kick-off 2021. It came with the cutest gold stand, so it is able to stand on its own and doesn’t take up much space.  It’s the perfect size to put on any surface. Plus the watercolor detailing is just adorable.

4. Surround yourself with some love: Having a photo of your friends, family, or a landscape is a great way to refresh your space, especially in a cute, clean frame. I love a classic white frame to go with any room!

5. Stay organized: Lastly, nothing like a cute note pad to get write your to-do list down. I love a fun notepad like this one from Page Eleven Paper Goods, where you can feel very productive putting multiple tasks and goals down on paper.


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