Christina's Favorite Winter Rescue Products

Christina's Favorite Winter Rescue Products

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It's no secret that winter is the driest and darkest season. I've definitely been keeping tabs on the best winter rescue products that have helped me to stay hydrated, busy, and entertained during these shorter, darker days. Check out my recommendations below and let me know what your favorite winter rescue products are! 


To rescue: Everything!!

Water: This one is a two pronged (and free!) approach to keeping your skin hydrated. 1) DRINK SO MUCH WATER. I drink a minimum of 64 OZ of water easily a day. I have this massive water bottle that lives on my desk which makes it easier than refilling a little glass throughout the day. 2) I recently learned this from Gwyneth: take lukewarm showers. I know we all get cold and want to scald ourselves in the shower, but that’s pretty tough on your skin. Taking shorter, less-hot showers is much better in the long run. 

To rescue: Your dry skin! 

Osea Body Oil:  @Osea when are you going to sponsor me?! This body oil is my favorite product. Get out of your lukewarm shower and lather this all over while you’re still damp. It is not sticky, smells amazing, and works wonders. 

To rescue: Your hands! 

Olive and June Nail Kit: Pre-pandemic, I was a gel manicure every-other-week girl. I love my nails and it’s a simple luxury that makes me happy! That said, I have not been haunting my local nail salon through covid. I have come to love the Olive and June nail kit. It makes it so easy to do your own nails and looks v profesh. Lather on Weleda hand cream daily and your hands will be looking absolutely divine!! OH! And of course make sure to wear our mittens when you head out! 

To rescue: Your need for glam! 

Hill House Home Nap Dress (with a turtleneck): Getting dolled up and going out for dinner or to a party is starting to feel like a figment of my imagination. Because of this, I have started getting unnecessarily dressed up for family dinners to spice up the long winter. I am a huge huge huge fan of Hill House, and like every other girl on Instagram, have fallen in love with their nap dresses. Throw a cute turtleneck under them and you’ve got a really great family dinner gown!! 

To the rescue: Your mind!

Melissa Wood HealthAs a new-ish mom, founder of a business, and self-proclaimed Netflix addict, I have a hard time fitting exercises into my daily routine. About two months ago I signed up for a Melissa Wood Health subscription and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love how accessible her workouts are and how easy it is to squeeze in 8 minutes of abs or 16 minutes of a quick booty workout. My goal now is just to “move” everyday. While I’m happy to say that I’m seeing some toning, I can honestly say it’s doing even bigger things for my state of mind!! 

While we're on the topic of finding some inner peace, be sure to check out our Knit Kit!

If you’re not a knitting addict yet - I promise you will be if you learn!! Knitting is my form of meditation. It’s also really fun!! A few reasons why knitting might “rescue” your mind: You can’t scroll on Instagram while you knit, you’ll feel proud of yourself when you gain a new skill, and you’ll make someone else happy when you give them a hand knit scarf!!


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