The STIK U Guide to Winter Sports

This week we welcomed STIK U! If you haven’t checked out our college collection be sure to do so. Since school is in session, it’s only fitting we celebrate with a guide to winter sports, STIK style, of course. Plus, these are ways to stay active outside with your classmates or colleagues while staying safe this winter.

Skiing (downhill or cross country!): We love any form of skiing. Mainly because you get to throw on your cute STIK beanie before and after. Throw on your base-layers, and snow gear you are ready to hit the slopes. Need help finding winter boots to match your aprés look? We are loving these boots from Cougar! Add a neckie from Skida to stay warm and to add extra protection over your mask.

Skating: If you are lucky enough to go to school or live near a frozen pond, skating is an excellent option to stay active and distanced outside. We’ve got you covered to stay warm out there in these fleece leggings from L.L. Bean and merino wool socks. Grab your STIK mittens and skates, and hit the ice! 

Snow shoeingSnow shoeing is so much fun after a big snow storm. You can do this one alone or distanced with a friend. It’s a great way to get yourself outside in nature and go for a lovely afternoon walk. Not sure where to start with this one? Check out these awesome snowshoes from Retrospec. Show some school spirit in a Collegiate Headband, and stay extra cozy in our Shaw Neckie. Just add some music or a podcast, and you’ve got yourself a great activity.


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    love these looks! I just bought items similar to these outfits from

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