Last minute Halloween costumes you need to see

If you’re one of those people who starts making their Halloween costume in mid-August, this blog post is NOT for you. If yesterday you realized that Halloween is in 10 days and you don’t have any idea what you’re going to dress up as (and you really don’t want to be a black cat again), you are in the right place. 

I don’t care how much you like Halloween, it’s hard to come up with creative costume ideas that don’t cost a fortune. I, personally, am not a super crafty person, nor am I very handy with a hot glue gun. If I’m being honest, any time I’ve dressed up for Halloween, I’ve bought the costume, paid way too much $$$ for it, and ended up rolling it up and stuffing it under my bed until the next year, when I realize I don’t want to repeat the costume (oh, the horror!) Yes - this is the easy option especially when you forget about Halloween and need to Amazon Prime a costume STAT. But it’s obviously not sustainable or very cost-efficient or very creative or fun!

So this year, I’m putting my foot down. I’ve decided that it’s time that I step it up, get a little more creative, and use some items I already own to dress up. To do this , I’ve tapped into the genius that is the STIK Team to help me come up with some cute ideas for my costume; and boy, did they have some ideas. 

I still haven’t decided what I’m going to be, but if you’re in need of some ideas (and are crunched for time), this is the Halloween Costume guide that you need.

“These things will not bite you, They want to have fun!” Ah, classic Dr. Seuss. What’s better than dressing up with a friend as two mischievous twin brothers from A Cat in the Hat?! For this look, pair our Gunn Beanie in Sky with any red top or sweatshirt. Cut out ‘Thing 1’ and Thing 2’ name tags, and you’re good to go. If you really want to go all out, pop on one of our white fom foms or throw on our Motley Mittens in Cardinal for the complete ~Thing~ vibe.


You can’t go wrong with a classic Jack-O-Lantern at Halloween. It’s impossible! This was a super easy look to put together - any orange sweatshirt will do. We went with one of the top, cheapest choices on Amazon. When it arrived, we used a sharpie to draw a classic Jack-o-Lantern face on the sweatshirt (if you’re a #VirgoPerfectionist like me, you can draw it out in pencil first.) We paired this with the Gunn Beanie in OG Orange and a black fom fom. In a last minute turn of events, we also found a tiny green leaf to slide between the stitches of the beanie - I feel like I missed my Halloween Costume Calling here. To top if off, I rocked our Gunn Mittens in Forest to really polish off the Pumpkin look.

This is definitely one of the easier costumes we came up with, and while this costume may look more like a North Pole Lumberjack, we see it more as a way to show the full scope of possibility when dressing as a lumberjack. The key elements of this costume are obviously the flannel shirt and a really great hat. In this case, we went with The Rutherford Beanie in Cardinal and matching cardinal mittens in our Motley style. Unfortunately, we didn’t have access to an ax (probably would have been our first choice), but we had some holiday shrubs and lumber lying around the office, so we went with the Santa’s Village vibe. It's Halloween - it's supposed to be fun!

We had to get one bad guy in the mix here since it IS Halloween and all. We decided to go with your run of the mill bank robber vibe for this costume, and I have to say, I think we pulled it off nicely. Obviously, an all black outfit is critical to pull off the heist. Pair with any of our beanies in blacklist - here we have The Rutherford Beanie in Blacklist. For full effect, we also recommend The Shaw Neckie in Blacklist and our Motley Mittens in Blacklist. We completed the costume with  some bank robber gear we found on Amazon - a mask and a bag for all of your goodies.

Ok - THIS is my favorite costume of this whole bunch. Trolls have gotten a lot of buzz since the animated movie came out and our teenage crush, Justin Timberlake, starred as the main character. But this costume has more of an old-school vibe that I am really digging. If you want to go all in, you can wear a nude bodysuit as your base layer. To keep this G-rated, we found some nude turtlenecks long sleeves on Amazon. The Laird Beanie in On Wednesdays We Wear Pink was the perfect substitute for a troll wig - we stuffed the top with tissue paper to go for the full "Hair up" effect. We topped it off with our Bright Pink fom fom for the full-effect. Last but not least, Meg and Sarah covered their eyes in pink, sparkly eyeshadow for extra pizazz.

So there you have it. Five super cute last minute Halloween costume ideas that won't end up in the trash on November 1st. Want to order a beanie in time for trick or treating? Order by October 24th to make sure your delivery arrives in time.



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